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. I ask you to undress and lay on your tummy on a towel that I’ve laid on the floor. A cd  plays softly in the background and the only other sound is that of the ceiling fan as it pushes through the warm air.
I slide my shorts off then I kneel above your head and lean over you. Gently kissing across your shoulders, down one arm then the other. Down your spine to the top of your butt crack . I moisten my tongue and trail it back up along your spine to the base of your neck. I ask if you are comfortable. You softly mumble ‘mmmm’.
I move down til I’m kneeling level with your hips. I pause to take in the beauty of your body. I can feel the desire building within me and I feel an urge to briefly touch my growing arousal. I simply raise it with my hand and allow it to fall, although it doesn’t return to its former position as it is rapidly becoming more erect.
I squirt massage oil in the palm of one of my hands and wring my hands together, covering them in oil I then squirt some oil on your back between your shoulder blades. I gently smear it across your back before gently kneading and rubbing across your shoulders then working my way down your back. I tenderly massage your entire back from your shoulders to your bum.
I move slightly further down your body. I briefly readjust my now throbbing shaft.  Then I pour a little more oil on my hands. I start to rub my hands over your buttcheeks. Softly squeezing one then the other.  Every now and then I slide my hands up over your back and back down again. With a hand on each butt cheek I use my thumbs to part them slightly. I cant help but let out a slight moan of desire. I feel precum ooze from my manhood.
I slowly massage my way down your legs When I reach your feet I lift your legs and place them back down gently but apart. Im now kneeling at your feet and with your legs apart im able to see your beautiful lips between your legs. I catch a glimpse of something glistening on them but I cant be sure if its massage oil or whether you are enjoying me touching you as much as I am enjoying touching you. I grin and hope that its the latter.  I resume massaging your feet. Then slowly back up along your legs.  At one stage my fingers dip between your innerthighs and I feel the heat radiating out from your mound. I feel more precum ooze from my shaft.  I lean down and softly kiss your butt and blow air across your ‘lips’ . You let out another slight moan. I spank your butt playfully and ask you to roll over onto your back.
You roll over and lay on your back I lean in to kiss you and I feel your hand close around my now throbbing shaft. You slide your hand up and down it a few times. I break away.
I begin to massage your right arm. Starting at your wrist and working up to your shoulder. I glide my hand across your chest and work my way down your other arm then back up to your shoulder.
I lean down and we kiss once again and again your hand searches for my arousal but I manoeuvre away from your hand.
I dribble some oil on your tummy and begin to move it all over your tummy and breasts. Gently squeezing both breasts. Rubbing them in circular motion. Your nipples harden and I pinch them. You let out a slight yelp. I massage your breasts with a slightly firmer action. Squeezing them together then releasing them, kneading them.
I slide one hand down over your tummy to your mound. My finger briefly dips between your ‘lips’ Your legs open then close then open.
I begin massaging your right leg, starting at your hip and working my  way down to your toes. I bend your knee as I work my way back up to your innerthigh. You straighten your leg again as I reach across and repeat the same to your left leg.
I lean down and tenderly kiss just above your pussy. I feel your hand run through my hair. I breathe in your womanly scent ‘mmmm’.
I massage your upper legs again before working my hands around your pussy. My hand briefly glides across your ‘lips’I feel your body tense and you let out a slight moan. I take care to avoid touching your pussy again as I continue to massage and gently rub around your pelvic area.  My thumb parts your ‘lips’ and  dips inside you then out. I rub my thumb against your lips again until it slip in again. I rub your clit in circular motion. You moan and raise your hips off the floor. I keep rubbing your clit with tiny circles until your body bucks wildly then relaxes completely.  I lean down and softly kiss each nipple and lay down beside you.
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