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As I walked up to the house i did my normal appraisal of the house single storey tin roof on peirs, good I thought and nice easy job to finish the day.
Climbing the front steps I reached out to knock on the door.As my hand reached the door it swung opened. My mouth opened a little behind the door was a gorgeous pair of breasts,whose nipples were obvious beneath the cotton shirt covering them.
Avoice eminated form somewhere above the nipples which had sort attratced my attention. My mind fiannly started to function and i realised that the breasts had a head an mouth attached not far away. Putting my tongue  back in my I came up with something original like " hello".
Finally I got round to introducing myself and and explainign what I had to do. Having already assesed the job i also told the young woman  how it would be done etc.
I got down to work it was a warm day and the job was easy so  the i was ina god mood .The job didnt take  long aprt form a delay where the lovely pair of breasts came and offered me a cool drink.Which i gartefully received and swallowed and also discovering that the pair of breasts also had on every well developed legs. I watched as she walked away myeyes following her as she moved.She tyrned back and obviously noticed i was watching.I felt a littel embarrased at being coaught staring but she just smiled and laughed. This all perplexed me a little most women would have resented the way i was looking right now.
But this woman so i decided to enjoy it as much as possible.
I had finished the job so i began the education end of things showing the young lady how the service worked.
As i did she sat next to me on the lounge.I was very aware of the proximity of the young lady and my cock was making my shorts uncomfortable so i had to move a little to relieve the pressure. As i moved the young lady moved a littel closer.Ok  I thought maybe i should rethink what is happening here.
But as i was thinking the young lady got up and then sat on my lap.
She told me i didnt have to rush off.my mind and body said why argue  so i leaned back on the lounge and she leaned forward and put her arms aorund my neck.My cock did not know what to think my mind was stunned.She then kissed me on the lips just a little gentle kiss a feathery touch.My midn went wild and so did my hormones. My hand as though with a mind of its own reached up and rested on the nearest breast.She let out a little moan I touched her.This sent my mind racing as to where this would lead.
After kisisng for a few minutes and not finding any resistance to my hands on the breasts i let my hand fall slowly down the young ladies front feeling her tummy  as i did it wwas falt and the muscels were strong she clearly exercised a lot.
I didnt argue my mind and body were falling into agreemtn as to where this was headed.Now having decided this wsnt a dream i put my hand on her knee. So nice and smooth.I felt its shapes.All the time my pulse and breathing quickening.
slowly my hand slid up  pushing the skirt with it.Her legs were strong the muscles well deifined. Yum i thought i willenjoy paying attention to those.
I relaxed a littel more an dmy hand moves a little higher reahcing beteen the womans legs my finger stroke her inner thigh.
She was getting a little excited as well her breathing was heavy and as we kissed her eyes were closed. Slowly it dawned on me that i was going to have some funbefore i got home tonight.
So testing the waters my finger probed a liittle further feeling  for her soft pussy lis thru her silk panties.
Something felt a little odd things were not as i expected.may be i got wrong so continuing the kiss which was now tongue and all i tried agian to find what i was looking for. No i hadnt got it wrong what i was looking for wasn't there.
It couldnt be could it my hand in slight but increasing panic moved up the fornt of the girls panties and to my horror i found an engorged lump tha felt like a penis she moaned as a i myfngers traced the outline thru the soft undergarments. Slight panic now turned into complete shock and horror.What the hell do i do now I thought.
My cock had also lost interest.S lowly but surely a plan  formed in my mind.I Politly told the young lady i ahd ot go lock the van before we went any further.Smiling she let me up and i left to go to the van.I got to my door jumped in and dorve off not looking back.
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