The Midnight Visitor

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“It has always been a fantasy of mine to have sex with an unknown person who sneaks into my bed in the middle of the night.” Peter’s idle comment grabbed my attention.

“But how would that happen?” I asked. “I mean she would have to get through the door or something wouldn’t she?”
Peter smiled at me, “Well you know living around here one doesn’t really have to be very careful about locking the door.” He winked.

I was a little surprised.  ‘Did I get that right?’ I thought to myself. ‘Did he just ask me to come and visit him in the middle of the night?'

Later that night I discussed it with my husband Jake.

“Well that was basically an invitation to come over whenever you like,” Jake confirmed my thoughts.

The idea sat between us for a while.  Part of me wanted to do this.  The excitement of sneaking around in the middle of the night in a strange man’s garden was very alluring.

Jake and I had known Peter for many months.  We had originally met as two couples on RedHotPie and had a sexual history that included simple swinging as two couples, a fantastic night on a trampoline when I had experienced my first threesome with two men, and a stolen head job in a swingers club while watching a group sex session.  We had a lot of firsts with this man and now I was considering another.  

Until now, I had never had sex with another man without my husband in the room participating in some way.  Now I was considering sneaking into this man’s house in the middle of the night to fuck like a rabbit.  I wanted to have a stolen hour of frantic sex with ‘another man’ before sneaking back home to my husband.

On the night I chose for my ‘adventure’, Jake and I discussed it briefly,

“Make sure you don’t stay too long and don’t have a shower before you come home.” Like me, he was nervous and worried about my saftely but also excited by the adventure.

“I will, I promise.” We kissed passionately. I decided to wear a lace shift with nothing on underneath.  I desperately hoped I didn’t get pulled over by the police on my way there!! Then I hopped in the car and went.

When I arrived I parked as quietly as I could and went around the side to the door he had told me he always left open.  It was locked!  So I tried the back door. No success.  I was forced to resort to tapping softly on the window.  So much for sneaking into bed beside the sleeping Peter. By now  the cold and the nerves had set in and I was shivering uncontrollably Peter slipped out of bed and opened the door for me. He put his arms around me and I savoured the warmth of him as we kissed, slowly at first and then with more passion.

“What is this thing you are wearing?” He ran his hands down my shoulders and over my body, enjoying the soft fabric of the shift that I was wearing. He turned on a small light beside the bed so that we could see each other.

“This is amazing,” he whispered to me. “I can’t believe you are actually here.”

He led me over to the bed and we sat on the end.  He was fascinated with the fabric of my garment, stroking my shoulders and breasts through the lace.  

“I am so nervous.” Even though I was warmer, I was still shivering a little.  I felt like a virgin with her first lover,” I have never done this before.”

“It is ok, I have,” he said.

I sat looking into his eyes and stroking the soft velvet skin of his cock. He sighed and pushed his hips out a little to give me better access. It was so full and proud in front of him and I leaned over and  took as much of it into my mouth as I could. I could feel the tip of his cock sliding down the back of my throat as I took most of his seven inches into my mouth.  I heard him moan softly in response and I continued to suck slowly,   I love the feeling of the velvet penis skin running over my lips and tongue.

I flicked my tongue over the tip of his penis, and then sucked more firmly.  In response to his gasps and moans, I turned my head to look at his face.  Our eyes met and I could see how much he was enjoying what I was doing.    He nodded at me and then closed his eyes and leaned back with a look of pure pleasure on his face.  I toyed with the idea of  sucking him until he came so that I could taste his beautiful cum. I decided that really I wanted to fuck him and reluctantly let go.

I sat up again and we kissed passionately.  I was starting to relax now and I moved to take off my clothing.  He stopped me,
“Leave it on,” His hands stroked my body. “I love seeing you dressed this way; so naughty. I can’t believe you drove over here dressed like this!”

He pressed me to him, kissing me deeply and probing my mouth with his tongue.  

“My turn now.”  He laid me back on the bed and then kneeling between my knees he  bent his head to taste the juice that was starting to drip out of my pussy. His tongue probed around my outer lips. I sighed as I felt the warmth of the pleasure in my belly.  I propped myself up on my elbows so that I could watch him.

His tongue probed into my folds seeking out the entrance to my pussy and then gently tracing over the hood covering my throbbing clit.    My legs fell open further. His tongue lapped up the wetness that was starting to pour out of me and as his tongue finally found its way to the hard node of my clit, he looked me in the eye. I put my hands on his head and pushed his face firmly against me.  He responded by pressing his tongue hard against my clit.  I could feel the intense pleasure radiating out into my body and my cries rose to match it.  I wanted it to go on forever but eventually he lifted his head.

The juice from my pussy was dripping down his chin as he smiled at me,

“I think you liked that.”

I wasn’t able to speak at the moment and so I nodded at him weakly.  He was standing above me now and I could see his cock jutting out in front of him. Suddenly I felt an undeniable urge to feel him inside me. He lay down covering my body but resting his weight on his elbows.    His cock was at the entrance of my pussy as if it was smelling and tasting it. I tilted my hips towards him, aching with the need to feel him inside me.  He smiled down at me and  slid himself easily inside me.  

His face showed his pleasure.  “Man you feel so good.”

“Yes, yes, you say that to all the girls,” I teased him

“No really, some things just fit together”. As he pushed further inside me, it really did feel good. I squeezed around him, feeling his length pressing inside me. He was right.  Some things did fit together well.  He pulled down my top and admired my breasts.  The nipples were firm and erect, anticipating being touched by a tongue.  He did not disappoint.  He lowered his head and gently ran his tongue over my nipples before taking each one into his mouth.

“You have such nice nipples. Mmmmmm.”

His bent his head down to cover my whole nipple with his mouth and tease it with  his tongue. A whole new pleasure radiated out from my breast as the nipple hardened in his mouth.  I flipped him off me and climbed on top of him, sliding his cock back inside me as I straddled him.  I loved the feeling of power and I rocked my hips while feeling his cock inside my pussy.  I increased the speed of my grinding until I was riding him hard and fast.  I twisted my hips from side to side, slightly feeling the pressure of him against the nice parts of my pussy.  

I became caught up in the pure pleasure of feeling his cock pushing inside me and the waves of excitement washing over me while I was watching his face.  It wasn’t until he moaned, “Don’t take it yet!” that I snapped back to the present and stopped.

Peter was panting, “You almost made me come by force.”

I stopped moving but kept him inside me, squeezing my pussy so that I could still feel him but not moving anything else.  My hair fell over his face as I leaned down to kiss him and to tease his nipples with my tongue.  We continued like that for a while and then I turned around and rode him the other way.  He gripped my arse and pulled the cheeks apart so that he could see his dick penetrating me.  I leaned forward, enjoying the different sensations and allowing him a good view.  After a while I turned back to face him.  He turned me over so that he could be on top.

His thrusts were powerful and started out slowly in line with the mood we were in at that moment.  I tilted my hips up to welcome him.  Our excitement built up slowly and the tempo increased.  My pussy was streaming out wetness and I could feel surges of pussy juice covering his cock as he thrust.  Our breathing was heavy and my breasts were bouncing with each powerful thrust.  

We looked intently into each other’s eyes.  He was fucking me hard and fast now and I was responding with moans and cries that were getting louder as I became more excited.   His breathing harder and faster and his thrusting intensified more and became more powerful.  The look in his eyes was so intent that I could not look away if I wanted to.  My pussy was gripping his cock so tightly, building up tension the whole time.  I could feel the orgasm building up in him and I responded by squeezing him harder and tighter.  By now both of us were almost screaming in pleasure The neighbours certainly had no doubts about what was going on in this bedroom!!!  

He kept thrusting harder and faster into me.  My eyes were held firmly by his and his body pinned me against the bed as he pounded his cock into me.  My pussy was streaming wetness over his cock and balls and onto the bed.
I felt his cum explode into me as he cried out in pleasure. The feeling of him pouring his cum into me was amazing.   I clenched my muscles tightly as if my pussy were greedily drinking all his cum. I almost gave a whimper when I realised there was no more.  He collapsed against me breathing heavily. We melted together, enjoying the feeling of the post cumming bliss.  In my mind, I relived the last few moments.  A small part of me wished that it could have gone on forever.  

After a short while, I kissed him goodbye and slipped out of the bed.  I now needed to get home to my husband.

Jake, of course, was awake in bed waiting for me.  As I walked through our bedroom door, I felt almost as nervous as when I had first embraced Peter.  I took off my shift and slid naked into the warm bed.  We cuddled together kissing and enjoying the reunion.

“I can smell the sex on you, it is so HOT.” Almost as if he wanted to confirm it, he put his hand between my legs. I spread my knees , letting him feel the wetness of my juice mixing with Peter’s. The effect was instantaneous.  He held me tightly to him and kissed me passionately.  I put my hand on his throbbing cock surprised by how the smell and feel of another man’s cum would excite him.  His excitement sparked off my own and our kisses became more passionate.  I craved the familiar feeling of my husband inside me and I  pushed him down on our bed and straddled him.  Kneeling over him, I eased myself down over his cock. I wanted to feel every centimetre of him sliding into  my soaking wet pussy.  When all of him was inside me, I sat for a moment enjoying the fullness of him being inside me.

“Tell me about it,” he whispered to me.

I leaned over and whispered the details of the fucking into his ear.  He wanted to hear every detail and I told him about every stroke and every lick.  As we talked I lay against him with his cock inside me.  The muscles of my pussy were firm around him. As I relived the details, I started to grind into him, enjoying the pressure of him against my pussy.    

When I finished telling my story, he  flipped me over so that I was underneath him.   I wrapped my legs around him to push him further inside me.  He whispered to me,

“Did you like the feeling of him fucking your pussy?”


Jake thrust into me hard,

“And did you like the feeling of his cum inside you?”

“I LOVED it!”

The thoughts and images in our minds drove us harder and faster.  I felt a fresh wave of juices flowing out of my already saturated pussy.  Jake groaned at the feeling of hot wetness oozing out of me.  I put my finger on my clit. It was enormous!   I had held back from coming fully with Peter, as I wanted to share this with Jake.  I could feel how close Jake was to coming and I could feel the orgasm building inside me as well.  I moved my fingers over myself gently so that I could prolong it as long as possible, but it was not possible to hold off too long.  

I locked my legs around Jake and as I felt him coming, I joined him.  I had always loved being able to cum at the same time as him.  To me it always emphasised our connection. Right now, straight after I had come home from fucking another man, I was as close as I had ever been to my husband.

We seemed to melt into each other as we lay there kissing and stroking each other.  I was complete now, lying beside the man who let me go so I could come back to him.
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Posted: Nov, 11 2011
I would love my wife to be as creatve. great story
Posted: May, 31 2011
wicked story loved every bit of it hmmm
Posted: Mar, 31 2011
easily the hottest story I have read so far, great job :) I second the opinion of wanting to live close by for a visit :P
Posted: Mar, 23 2011
Nicely done, paints a pretty awesome picture ;)
Posted: Mar, 22 2011
Awesome story, very erotic.
Posted: Mar, 22 2011
Great story very well articulated!! Our fantasy too, sounds great!! DnK xxx
Posted: Mar, 22 2011
not only a great story, amazingly written. thanks guys
Posted: Mar, 22 2011
mmmmm that story is so damn hot,dont know who was luckier pete or hubby getting a creampie. cant wait to hear more stories
Posted: Mar, 22 2011
i got all excited :)
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