The Dinner Party - Part 2..

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Things began to settle down and people began to drink and chat and laugh again.  While you are engaged in a deep conversation with one of the women, the man who had initiated the whole affair with the first kiss to that woman's neck was suddenly behind you and you feel the touch of his warm lips on your neck.  Given the portent of what you had just witnessed you feel a huge surge of adrenalin rush through your body at the implications of that simple kiss.  He is gently nibbling your neck and touching your ear as he suggests you should join him in the spa.  You feel almost to weak from the adrenalin rush to move but he gently helps you up and out onto the terrace.

Outside in the clear air you recover enough to enjoy the moment.  The spa sits on the edge of the cliff and tonight the moon is full casting a beautiful soft light across the ocean far below.  

You look up as the man has taken off all his clothes and is walking towards the spa.  He looks fantastic from behind, you  think to yourself, as you watch his taught butt and strong legs taper into his waist and then expand again into his broad shoulders.  He slides into the spa and beckons you over to him.  You walk over to him, aware that he is staring at you as you walk.  

He asks you join him in the spa and with little encouragement you reach up and undo your halter neck and let it drop.  You smiles as he looks hard at your now erect nipples.  You turn around and let the dress fall fully to the ground.  You turn back around and walk closer to the spa in just your panties.  

As you do you become aware that a few of the party have wandered outside to watch you.  You feel giddy with the attention and the drink but love the opportunity to show off, so bending right over you slowly take off your panties with your back to the crowd and slip into the spa.  

You expected a similar erotic encounter as the one you had just watched but this time the man was already very very aroused and started to kiss you hungrily. His hands were all over you exploring you, touching you.  His  tongue was halfway down your throat and you could feel his hard cock pressed against your tiny waist.  He wanted you now.  

You could feel his hands roughly pulling your legs apart and his cock being directed between your legs.  You feel him lift you onto the edge of the spa so he can begin to fuck you.  This is all happening so fast you are not at all sure if you want this or even if you can stop it but he is deep in you already fucking you hard and saying all sorts of things in your ear.  

He was like an animal telling you he was going to fuck you until you cried in pleasure how he would have you screaming like  a slut.  His cock was pounding you as he spoke getting faster and faster.  You try to edge away a little but feel two more hands on you.  Another of the men had stripped naked and was now behind you holding you in place while the first one fucked you.  You can even see a third guy strip and jump into the spa.  This is getting out of hand you think but your helpless to do anything about it.  

The guy behind you is playing with your breasts and  the third guy has started to feel around your pussy as the first guy continues to fuck you.  It is intense and rough and you want it to stop but deep inside you start to feel desire building like you have never sensed before.  The first guy is already close to cumming and you feel him jerk, grunt and feel his cum erupt deep in you.  He pulls out and the second guy grabs  you roughly and pulls you out out of the spa like a rag doll.

"Get on all fours slut I want to fuck you from behind" he said grabbing your waist and pulling you into position with you ass poked high in the air.  You feel his hands pulling apart your cheeks and running inside you and then the pressure of his cockhead as he enters you.  You are wet from the first mans cum and you own juice and can feel some of this liquid sliding down between your legs.  His cock is bigger or the angle is more suited because this time you feel like he is going to split you.  

You try to relax as his huge head is squeezed into you slit and he then begins to work his shaft deeper into you.  Your head is down as he starts to fuck you but just as you begin to enjoy the rough motion you feel you hair being pulled upwards.  You have no choice as you head is lifted roughly from the ground.  

The third guy from the spa is standing in the spa with a huge hard on and is pulling you by you hair towards his cock.  He roughly pushes his cock into your mouth. You are gagging as he pushes deep into your mouth and starts to fuck your mouth.  You are struggling to breath as he drives it deep down your throat.  "yes slut eat my cock" he moaned "I want to see you gag on it"  "Oh fuck that feels so hot" His cum and your saliva are dripping along his shaft and in and out of your mouth.  

You are aware the whole dinner party is now standing outside watching you.  The guy fucking you from behind begins to tease your ass as he moves.  Soon he has worked a finger into you and he moves it in and out like a small prick all the while he is using his large cock on your slit, "You slut" he says "open your ass I want to take you in the ass tonight"  He continues to slide his finger in and out as he strokes his cock  into you.  

You have a strong sense of being degraded by these men and being used and watched by all the people but the flip side is an extraordinary sense of sexual liberation as you almost begin to enjoy the rough hard sex.  That cock sliding in and out of your mouth is so hot for you.  You start to actually lick and suck him making him even harder and more aroused "Oh fuck yes baby" he groans "this slut wants it"  he is so turned on.  

The guy behind you is getting more excited by watching you begin to get turned on that he gets faster and drives deeper into.  He has now slid two fingers into your ass as he gets closer and closer to cumming.  You are starting to feel the same sensations you normally do before the beginning of the end but this time its way more powerful.  You have never before cum unless it was with your own hand but this time the cock sliding in and out of your mouth, The hard shaft deep inside you, the fingers pushing in your ass and all the people watching is such a turn on you feel like this time it will happen without your own hand and that it will make you scream.

The pounding from behind goes for some time and you begin to feel he would fuck you for hours but the guy who's cock you are sucking is getting really close to cumming so starts to move in and out of your mouth even faster.  The guy behind you picks up on the change and begins to also get close.  You can actually feel his cock getting bigger inside you.  

As you feel your orgasm build the guy behind you starts to scream "cum for me" "i want to feel you cum all over my cock" He ignites the flame in you and just as you are about to cum he slides two fingers deep into your ass which sets off an orgasm that makes you scream in pleasure and racks your whole body.  As you go almost limp from that orgasmic surge.  The guy buried deep in your mouth pulls out and sprays cum all over your pretty face.  The guy from behind pulls out his shaft and grabbing his cock base he jerks a huge splash of cum all over you ass and back.

As you lay flat on the ground recovering from the most intense sex of your life you hear the sound of one then many people clapping.
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Posted: Feb, 05 2012
Hey Bicurious tease you write had me in the spa with the woman getting fu..ed.......I like to tease and be teased in the flesh and stimulated mentally. Great effort!!!!
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