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15 June 2018

"I want you"

It’s coming into winter and the air is cold as I arrive at your hotel.

It’s a Saturday night and we are both in Sydney, you for a work conference and me to visit some friends. But that’s a lie, I’m really there to see you and you’re there to see me.

Earlier you text to tell me you ...
13 June 2018


The room was empty except for two chairs. The chairs, from a dining table, have no arms. I sat on one chair facing the door waiting for you to arrive. I was already naked and my cock was semi hard with anticipation of what I had in mind for the next few hours with you. I fidgeted as I wait for you. ...
13 June 2018

Consequences Part I

She sat watching him move, her eyes following his every movement, his fingers slowly unbuttoning his shirt, slowly, purposely keeping his eyes on her watching him.  He stopped, her gaze meet his with a questioning, now he had her gaze, he started again but this time walked slowly to her, like a big ...
12 June 2018


I am already naked when you enter the room. My body is aroused in anticipation. My cock is hard and erect. I can’t resist the urge to touch it, to stroke it. Pre-cum is already beginning to seep from it.

You smile as you enter the room and immediately begin to slowly undress in front of me. ...
02 June 2018

This is how the fun starts - Chapter Five

Her skin was alive with anticipation, goose bumps rising across her naked body. She couldn’t even blame it on the cold, he had made sure the room was the perfect temperature for her. He moved towards her purposefully, grabbing her by the hips and maneuvering her in the direction of the wall behind ...
21 May 2018

A Sexy School Teacher Recounts Our First Meeting!

I don’t like to think of myself as having a ‘type’ but when considering prospective partners there are a few characteristics that are known weaknesses. One of them is baldness, another is size. Not just penis size but physical size. I am not a short woman, nor am I slender but on the odd occasion ...
20 May 2018

My MFM Fantasy Come True

I'd always fantasised about being pleasured by two guys at once but my partners always seemed to be the jealous insecure types that would never allow another mans hands on my body let alone another cock in my mouth or pussy. Then I met Clyde.....

Clyde is everything I want in a man - confident ...
16 May 2018

Real Story, unforgettable night..

For a Saturday, it was a very despondent day indeed. My best friend's father had died that week and we rushed back from college to attend the funeral. I knew his family well, and we were all very sad at the passing of Tony. Despite Vincent's mother wearing a heavy black veil her grief and tears were ...
28 March 2018

Tantric Massage Experience

You had decided you wanted to experience a tantric massage so we decided to meet up one evening. I heard the doorbell ring and my heart began to race as I walked towards the door as there was great anticipation for me to provide you with this experience. I opened the door and was greeted with your ...
23 March 2018

A beach encounter

It’s was a beautiful warm and balmy summers morning and I had just woken up... lying in bed naked and stretching out under the soft sheet on my naked skin... I felt so refreshed and rejuvenated today was also the weekend.  I got up slowly made some breakfast and slipped on my boardshorts and a ...
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