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08 April 2017

A Bad Day Just Got Better

0730 and the roads were packed with traffic. It was raining the sun had barely crested the horizon as he drove to work early as he always did.

As he dawdled through the traffic he mentally went through his day: meeting, phone conference presentation, meeting followed by catching up on endless ...
31 March 2017

Dinner and dessert 1

A long and winding dinner over some hours called for unwinding in the bath. The drain plugged, hot-warm waters mixed with aromatic salts were steadily rising in the generous 2-person tub. Lights dimmed, candles lit, music playing, drinks poured, front door locked.

You undress before me as I sit ...
26 December 2016

Saying Yes

We had exchanged a few messages, nothing major, just some quick one liners. He lived a good  distance away and worked overseas.

I was sitting at home nursing a mild hangover from a disaster of a date the night before when I got a message from him.

"How's your weekend looking?"

I replied, ...
26 November 2016

Hot Summer Nights

The Jungle Bar in the Menzies Hotel was already nearly full when I arrived just after 7:00 pm. The Jungle Bar was renowned as a bar for sailors on leave as there was always an abundance of beautiful young ladies and the sailors were always cashed up. However, occasionally there were no boats in ...
08 November 2016

The Good Wife- Part 1: My first experience at swinging

My husband knows me all too well. When it comes to indulging myself, if he asks me I will say no. So, he just goes ahead and plans the most incredible surprises for me- whether it's gifts, holidays or swinging!

Our first swinging encounter is a memory of a lifetime!

One fine day, ...
21 April 2016

Out Of The Blue

'Tap,'tap. the light knock echoed through her house. Standing just the other side of her carved timber door was Cleff, the man who before now had just been a picture on her laptop screen. Peering around the edge of the door as she opened it, her vision was greeted by a smile and the subtle fragrance ...
15 April 2016

By Chance

Ambient chatter and clinking glassware played through the restaurant. Glancing over the room he was met by the most stunning eyes he had seen. In that fleeting moment the room dulled to whisper and with smiling eyes they both raised their glass to one another. The moment of transient stare broken by ...
06 January 2016

Red Dress

We decide to meet, after talking, texting, and sexting, but after only seeing pictures of each other, enough is enough. I fly back on a Wednesday night from four weeks of intensive work in the Pilbara, we decide to meet at the Boheme - a swanky bar in Perth with access to a couple of nice hotels ...
07 December 2015

Sally and Jess

I met Sally on a swingers dating site. I was attracted to her profile and pics that said everything about her smouldering sensuality. She was in a relationship and bi-curious, I had no idea where it would lead but fortunately she found me attractive and we  flirted and had fun across the internet ...
16 March 2015

The Midnight Visitor

There is a knock at the door. I open it and you are there. I invite you inside. Your face is smiling and your eyes sparkle as we talk. I can't help but notice how beautiful you look, and I am grateful to be in the presence of such a gorgeous woman. You look so young
and fresh, and it makes me proud ...
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