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28 March 2018

Tantric Massage Experience

You had decided you wanted to experience a tantric massage so we decided to meet up one evening. I heard the doorbell ring and my heart began to race as I walked towards the door as there was great anticipation for me to provide you with this experience. I opened the door and was greeted with your ...
23 March 2018

A beach encounter

It’s was a beautiful warm and balmy summers morning and I had just woken up... lying in bed naked and stretching out under the soft sheet on my naked skin... I felt so refreshed and rejuvenated today was also the weekend.  I got up slowly made some breakfast and slipped on my boardshorts and a ...
23 March 2018

Tied up while working from home

So was thinking while you were sitting there in your pjs ... imagine the following scenario. You hear a knock at the door and you wonder who it could be said you go and answer it, thinking it’s probably a parcel delivery or something like that that... you open the door and you see it’s me. We ...
14 March 2018

Pearl necklace

I have been married to Jenni for 10 years and to celebrate our anniversary we went away for the weekend, staying in an expensive unit with a harbor view.  We organised some babysitting for the kids and went out to dinner then a movie.  Afterwards we stopped at the local bottle shop and bought a ...
05 March 2018

Five more hidden words

Who needs chocolate, strawberries, champagne or oysters when really, the greatest aphrodisiac known to man is……………anticipation.

And the anticipation of what the night ahead had to offer was almost more than I could cope with. My pussy was throbbing, and as I sat nervously in the driver’s seat of ...
14 February 2018

Scheherazade and The Sheikh - Chapter 2 of 3

With the Sheikh thrown into the palace dungeon and his Uncle sure of his power, he had visited Scheherazade in the Harem, expecting to take the Sheikh's place at her side and she, in his bed. For her part, Scheherazade had absolutely no intention of allowing that to happen, but bowing her head ...
31 January 2018

First time in Noosa

We were younger and prettier the first time we landed at Noosa. An Aussie friend told us we could find some havens for nude swimming and sunbathing, and we couldn't refuse. After all, we came from conservative, semi-religious Israel.

It was another hot sunny day in Qld, and we parked the car in ...
28 January 2018

Hotel Scenario 2

A friend asked me to write 2 scenarios to a short beginning. I hope you enjoyed scenario 1, here is number 2.

I walk into the hotel room, you quickly usher me into the bathroom. You tell me have a shower, get dry and put the blindfold on. You also tell me to leave a butt plug, some lube and ...
28 January 2018

Hotel Scenario 1

A friend asked me to write two different scenarios to a short beginning. So here is scenario 1.

I walk into the hotel room, you quickly usher me into the bathroom. You tell me have a shower, get dry and put the blindfold on. You also tell me to leave a butt plug, some lube and some restraints ...
24 January 2018

Just a little spank

Had a new bunny come round for her first rope experience last night.  We had chatten on and off for a couple of months, so I knew she hadn't really done anything other than have her wrists tied while being spanked before (seems to actually be pretty common!)

She was a nice cute little blonde, ...
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