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05 April 2017

Autumn Leaves

He opened the door of his Mercedes for her. She bent and slid into the luxurious leather seats. He dropped himself beside her “hey I’ve got a surprise for you” he said as he pecked her lips and they set off. “I like surprises” she said nearly to herself. She was wearing a beautiful white summer ...
14 March 2017

Emerald — Part 1

The forecast for the weekend was for changeable weather, warm, sultry days, high 20s, light cooling sea breezes, with the promise of a cool change arriving towards dinnertime. We had been looking forward to this weekend away for ages - for one reason or another our lives are complicated and busy - ...
03 February 2017

Brisbane Work Trip To Remember

On a trip to Brisbane for work I arrived Sunday afternoon found my motel and gladly checked in. After a quick shower I used my trusty phone to look up a place to have a drink nearby - only one came up,  easy choice.

  Walking in I thought to myself 'not a place for singles.' Just as I turned ...
17 January 2017

The Sweetest Escape (Part 1)

Cara and Dave had been waiting months for their trip and the day had finally come.  They were off to somewhere warm and sunny for a week of passion and fun. They sat in the departures lounge barely able to keep their hands off each other, aching with the anticipation of what was to come. They were ...
28 September 2016

The Cab Ride

As many of us embrace the Uber era, let’s not forget the joys that the humble Cab has delivered in the past. For while Uber may deliver to your door a dedicated driver, its efficiency deprives us of some of the great flirting opportunities … the late-night, alcohol-fuelled cab rank AND spontaneous ...
15 July 2016

Remember I Love You, Because I'm About To Treat You Like I Don't.

That was the signal txt your received during the day letting you know to be naked, bent over and presenting yourself for when I get home.

The keys jingle at the door and you assume the position, you know better than to not, and I walk up to you slowly admiring and smelling you, kissing your lips ...
30 May 2016

Camping fun

I could see the beads of sweat starting to form on his bare torso, even through the flyscreen flaps of the tent. They acted like a soft focus filter in old movies, making the moisture sparkle in the sun like a starburst. He still looked good for his age. Though I know he worries about it. His ...
02 May 2016

Dangerous Territories

I’ve felt it most of my adult life … certainly from age 22.

I remember it like it was yesterday.  Driving to a family holiday house for a summer break, my girlfriend sheepishly admitted to being hit upon by her first love at a New Year’s Eve party two nights prior.  Normally NYE is the sort of ...
12 January 2016

The Polish Bombshell

OK to set the scene, it's summer in London, the year is 2004. I was in my early 20's, I had just arrived to the UK earlier that week after a year backpacking around South America and the USA.
The only person I knew in London was traveling in Croatia. But I knew that day was London Pride, last month ...
22 December 2015

Watching My Wife

It has to be the most erotic thing ever.

Watching the woman you profess your love to every day be seduced by another man. Seeing her respond to his advances about to shatter vows promised on your wedding day. Witnessing them get naked and pressing their flesh against each other, their lips ...
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