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23 May 2018

Nude beach sex

My wife and i decided to try the open relationship scene. I joined tinder and found this profile of a 39 year old woman.

Got talking through snapchat and she said she would like to meet. I suggested meeting at the local nudist beach which to my surprise she said yes.

So we meet in the ...
21 May 2018

First time

When I was at University All I thought about was sex. I wanted it all the time and didn’t really care who it was with. Somehow I heard about this beach car park where guys met other guys for sex. I had never been with any guys before but I still thought it was worth a look.

I drove down there to ...
23 March 2018

A beach encounter

It’s was a beautiful warm and balmy summers morning and I had just woken up... lying in bed naked and stretching out under the soft sheet on my naked skin... I felt so refreshed and rejuvenated today was also the weekend.  I got up slowly made some breakfast and slipped on my boardshorts and a ...
14 February 2018

Scheherazade and The Sheikh - Chapter 2 of 3

With the Sheikh thrown into the palace dungeon and his Uncle sure of his power, he had visited Scheherazade in the Harem, expecting to take the Sheikh's place at her side and she, in his bed. For her part, Scheherazade had absolutely no intention of allowing that to happen, but bowing her head ...
01 February 2018

Our first experience with a voyeur watching

Mikes description of one of our first fun outing with a voyeur.

It's a nice summer week day and we're both off work and free from visitors etc. Making the most of it we are up early in the garden getting a few chores done. I have my camera out and Sue smiles as she sees my picture taking moving ...
31 January 2018

First time in Noosa

We were younger and prettier the first time we landed at Noosa. An Aussie friend told us we could find some havens for nude swimming and sunbathing, and we couldn't refuse. After all, we came from conservative, semi-religious Israel.

It was another hot sunny day in Qld, and we parked the car in ...
30 January 2018

My Wifes Best Friends Sister Part 2

A few weeks back me and the missus went up to the Gold Coast to attend the 70th Birthday of My Wifes besties father. We got up there on the Friday morning and dropped our gear off at Michelle's Place and we all went down to Surfers for lunch. While alone at the table Michelle and I talked about ...
24 November 2017

Marina Bay Rendezvous

After a long day of teasing, stimulation, light kissing and tempting stares deep into one another's eyes you can feel the tension swelling underneath your clothes. Your lingerie enraging your tension with the feeling of silk and lace stimulating you with every pace. We had been out exploring the ...
07 November 2017

Tram Ride Home - Part 2

The tram rumbled along the track, its vibrations amplifying what my fingers were doing, I could feel her whole body shake against mine, sensing her own movements as well, her involuntary spasms, her legs squeezing my hand as she pulsed with her body in a slow, steady rhythm that I matched. I could ...
01 November 2017

A Lavender's Tryst: By the Wayside

Some of our stories are fiction, some of them are fantasies. Others are episodes constructed from our own naughty experiences. We’ll leave it up to you to decide which is which.

We leave the party early that night. We always do. When bodies press together, when laughter’s laced with the scent of ...
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