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30 May 2018

Marlee & me.....and Steve

Being relatively new to this site, thought I would share the story of how I got into this wonderful lifestyle.

Few years ago I was waiting for a friend in a trendy Sydney Inner West Bar The type where there are more craft beer and cider on tap, than names you might recognise.

Due to a ...
16 March 2018

You the Husband and his Wife.

It's down on the foreshore at our new bar latitude 33.

It will be of course a warm balmy night. Lesley is wearing a fine white cotton dress with a sheer lace bra, white G-String, along with white stockings and suspenders with high heels to finish off.

We will be sitting on sofas overlooking ...
12 March 2018

Recently, I was travelling overseas for business (Part 2)

John's cock was in Katherine's mouth, with my hand around his shaft, and John's cock became instantly fully erect.

His cock was long.  Very long.  But not thick.  And Katherine was completely obsessed with it.  She released my cock from her own hand and grabbed my wrist and removed my hand ...
12 March 2018

Recently, I was travelling overseas for business (Part 1)

Recently, I was travelling overseas for business, and had a rather surprising encounter.

I lived and worked in the US for many years.  Now that I'm based back in Australia, I still need to travel to New York and California several times a year for business.  Sounds fun, right?  Well it's not ...
10 March 2018

Salsa ?? Sex and Squirting

It was another hot day. So hot in fact my top was starting to cling to my body in all the best places. As a Latin dance instructor, I was on my feet most of the day. Today was no exception. It was hot, humid and I still had one more private lesson for a couple Abigail and Paul. I put on some strappy ...
06 March 2018

Initiating First Couples Move

So my hubby and I got asked by a guy on what we would do to initiate things with his I began to write my novel (bearing in mind I have not yet ventured down this path yet) far in my novel I have gone just to the point of initiating...should I continue this novel?  Anyway, tell me ...
25 February 2018

A Bottle of Coke

A Bottle of Coke

I had asked Jason, a colleague of mine to come around to our place for a few drinks, he was my Senior manager at work and I wanted to get chummier with him to benefit or advance my chances of any future promotions that may be coming up at work.

I had asked Leanne to ...
22 February 2018

Floor Show

I’m like most blokes and have sexual fantasies, mostly there about my wife.  One involves watching my wife Jenni having sex with another person, another woman. Very few of my fantasies actually happen, and this was to be one of them. It happened when a friend came to visit, she was on a business ...
02 August 2017

Four Days in a New Town and Picked Up Already

Four months ago, my wife and I relocated to a coastal area. We had found the essentials, bottle shop, pubs, pizza place and beaches, so I was good to go.

I walked into the bottle shop to buy some champagne for my wife and a very attractive woman was serving. She was very personable and asked if I ...
15 June 2017

Weekend Getaway Plus One

We were just checking into our luxury hotel for the weekend when I first noticed my wife staring out toward the pool.

"Is everything okay?" I asked.

"Perfect." she said.

After putting our bags in the room we decided to head down to the pool to cool off. As she undressed I once again ...
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