My First Trip to Vegas

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It is my first trip to Vegas, yay!  But it is for a business conference, un-yay… ‘groan’  Not what I was hoping would be my ‘first Vegas experience’ …   So I fly there on my own, check in and wander around the casino, such bright lights, not my type of thing, gambling just doesn’t make sense to me, throwing money away at a large hotel?! Anyhoo, I go to bed early to be fresh for the morning just in case the conference happens to be exciting (a little too keen maybe?)…   So I go to different topics during day one and find some interesting relevant sessions and some only snore worthy. At 7 was the official welcome drinks, so I threw on a more glam outfit (layered style, modest to begin with, but peel a few layers off and I am ready for clubbing! in case I met someone exciting to go out with, u never know right?), so off I went, might as well make the most of the booze while I am here! Spent my time mingling talking about the conference and my place of work, not sure if I was really gonna last much longer with the enthralling conversations I was having (eye roll) and then through the crowd I saw you! We were merely acquaintances, but both from Perth and we had met a few times at random places (after work drinks things), but didn’t really know each other that well... we both walk up to each other and at the same time b4 anything, we say, in an excited voice, that it was nice to bump into sum one not stuffy, and  ‘Hey!! Lets get outta here and find somewhere fun, this is Vegas!!’ We dump our drinks, link arms and head out!   Chat chat chat chat, reacquainting where we have seen each other in the past and what we were doing here and wouldn’t being on an actual ‘holiday’ would be a little more interesting... we roll up to a late night bar of some sort, swanky looking, martini type of place, so we sit at the bar and both order a martini, i’ve never ordered one b4, but always wanted to haha and it was too much, so u suggested we pretend that it was a shooter and we down them and order a more normal drink, and get to know each other more, sitting on bar stools, our legs close, then crossed sorta together, leaning into each other, smelling each other’s necks whilst talking close, touching at every opportunity, getting horny and excited...! We decided it is time to move on, we find a late night club, i think we both pretend to think it is a ‘club’ anyway... More like a strip club, we waltz in there, looking ‘surprised’ with our cheeky grins, we both sorta know better...   We grab a drink and sit at a table, and take a look around, as it is Vegas, there are couples everywhere, nothing unusual. We check the girls on stage out, both pick our favourite, the same, she was this cheeky little sexy librarian type, she had a sexy painted on mole high on her cheekbone with her porcelain skin, with a some sexy glasses on, she was soooo cute (hopefully 18?)... she noticed us both staring at her... She came up to us and asked us if we’d like a ‘private dance’ we both nodded she tilted her head, to have us follow, she takes us to a private space behind curtains and gets us to sit on a couch together, she asked if we wanted a guy to join us, we both looked at each other and nodded... (y the fuck not? It is Vegas!) she walks out for a minute, we both look at each other wondering what we r getting ourselves into... ;)   In walks a hot chocolate coloured Adonis wearing nothing but a smile, standing to attention! Our eyes pop out of our heads, we didn’t quite expect that! He gives us both a wicked smile, strokes our cheeks with his hands, then scoops up our tiny porcelain doll librarian, pulls her g  aside and slowly bounces her up and down on his big black cock... even she looked surprised! He unfastens her bra, and indicated to you to help her get it off and maybe pay her a little attention, you move in and do just that, pull her bra free, and let her perky boobs out, u nuzzle against them, taste them, u stare at me in delight! I laugh, now this is the Vegas I was talkn bout!! haha   I leapt off the couch, and in 2 swift speedy movements, had your pants down and your hard pulsating cock out, in my hands, in my mouth, hot, sticky, yummy.......... I was so hungry for it, I swallowed as much as i could, nearly choking, i couldn’t get enough, you were the tastiest man alive! I savoured your flavour mmmmmmmmmm....., sliding your knob in and out, in and out.... deep and deeper, deeper and deeper in to my mouth (down my throat).... i was ready to have you give me your whole load, looking at you with a twinkle in my eye, you shake your head, then pushed me hard, back onto the couch, then u pulled my skirt up, happy to find no knickers that u have to deal with, so u just dove in, your cock, sliding into my slippery dip like it was its own personal water park, it felt so amazing!! I got knocked into a place where all senses were heightened... ecstasy, even before the ecstasy!   Meanwhile you feel from behind small soft hands parting your butt cheeks, and a small tongue flickering in your rear passage, it tickles, it is delightful!  Your cock thrusts into me, and the delicate little tongue following u in the rear... your senses start to go crazy! She then places a finger up your arse... soft, then harder, and stronger, slowly opening up your back passage... then just when u r warming up to this new feeling with her finger(s), they are gone and replaced by something BIGGER, before you can even think, your dick is in me and the chocolate Adonis has his hard cock in you!! First small thrusts, then medium, then deep pounding moves! We now all start to move together, it gets hotter, we all breathe heavier, groan, grunt, make animal noises, this is soooo intense for you, you don’t know where the sensations are coming from  !?  Just before you are ready to blow, i pull out and me and librarian open our hungry mouths under your cock u blow, you cover our faces, we kiss, lick each other and you clean, while the Adonis blows in you and you make the loudest caveman sorta sound i have ever heard, in full ecstasy... soooooo hotttttttttt grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
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