My 1st gay experience

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this happened about 20 years ago, I was just another very straight 26 y/o single guy who spent most of his time chasing ladies. I had a circle of friends and we had a party usually every Friday or Saturday night with a few "new "people and it was generally a good time was had by all. It was one of these parties that Dan came to, he was a bit older than us and was always with a v attractive girl on his arm. one weekend he came alone and was v much the life of the party, as this was at my own house, I had a few more drinks than i would usually, and was quite merry by the time the party wound down. Dan had asked if he could crash on a lounge and that was no issue cos usually a few always did spend the night.

This particular night Dan was the only one staying so after everyone left we were sitting alone in the lounge having a beer each, when we stated talking about sex, I was asking how he ended up with such hot ladies, he admitted that he was bi, and the girls were actually just friends. He asked me If I had ever played with guys before, I said no and he asked if i would ever consider it, again I said no. so the conversation continued for another while and a few drinks later. Dan asked me if he could see me naked. I said "ok". to this day I dont know why I agreed to, cos i honestly wasnt thinking about what was going to happen, and while i can say i was tipsy, i still knew what i was doing!

So there I was stark naked in front of this guy, and he was telling me how i had such a good body, and how my cock was the perfect size for a gay guy, which i thought at the time was funny! he then asked if he could touch it, and as he lightly touched it, i started to get hard, which was a shock to me!! he then made me sit and he started stroking me and i was enjoying it! this was the start of a secret relationship which lasted for over a year and we progressed from mutual masturbation and then to oral and then to intercourse, all  without the knowledge of friends.

it was a huge awakening for me and have been Bi ever since. I have been able to keep it a secret and  have met Dan a few times over the years, but has been about  6 years since we have played together! I always say that he turned me in about 3 minutes, to which he agrees!
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