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14 February 2017

Undeniable Truth

Chapter 1

She stands in the red haze of an almost dark room, her emotions scattered somewhere between fear and desire, the only illumination emanates from a small lamp in the corner, it sits on a small retro three legged kidney shaped coffee table, the light of its less than satisfactory 60 watt ...
06 January 2017

Let The Game Begin

The evening had been a tease from “Hello”.

I had agonised over the planning of this night for the past week. Vince had been my lover for some months now and every encounter was a new adventure.  

I thought he was too good to be true when we first talked over the phone. He knew all the right ...
21 December 2016

Tryst With The Girl From Trieste

Veronica was from Trieste, in the north of Italy. She had come to Australia on a working holiday. She was working at my favourite Italian restaurant, il paradiso.

At first, I thought she was from the eastern bloc. Her voice was husky, possibly from too many cigarettes, her accent was strong. The ...
28 July 2016

One scoop or two?

A family caravan trip around Australia is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.  A chance to step out of the rat race for a while, enjoy this beautiful country of ours and bond as a family. For a restless soul like me, whose favourite passions include keeping fit, clubbing, and generally just pushing ...
21 June 2016

My First Time Giving a Yoni Massage

I met her after we had emailed back and forth for a couple of days getting to know each other.

She was a larger woman just as I like about as size 16 / 18.

When I arrived at her house she met me dressed in a robe.

I entered and she closed the door behind me and I kissed her and our ...
29 May 2016

Nurse Station

I was given a white pvc nurse's dress and teamed it with fishnet and red platform heels. This gift was from a doctor I met from England. He instructed me to meet at the RBH Hospital at 2.00 am on a Saturday night. He asked me to walk with him thru emergency and it was interesting to see the looks ...
08 May 2016

The beach

Another fine day not a cloud in the sky. We had skipped work for the day, dropped the kids at school and headed up to the beach about 45 minutes drive from home. Our 4WD navigated the soft sand easily, tires squeaking through the rutted silicon track.  

After finding a suitable secluded spot on ...
15 April 2016

By Chance

Ambient chatter and clinking glassware played through the restaurant. Glancing over the room he was met by the most stunning eyes he had seen. In that fleeting moment the room dulled to whisper and with smiling eyes they both raised their glass to one another. The moment of transient stare broken by ...
02 January 2016

The Hotel Room (Part One)

214 216 218 here is the room. Butterflies in your stomach. We’ve talked about fucking in a hotel room, today it is going to happen. When we swapped fantasies you didn’t think it would actually happen, but here you are on your lunch hour in a posh Sydney hotel about to go into a room and…… Well ...
07 December 2015

Innocence Lost on a Friday Night

It all started after work, the end of the week a hot Friday night at the beginning the first week of a hot summer. The intention being, an early evening with a few friends, with a few cheap beers, wines, and very badly sung Karaoke. Eventually the night passes everyone by and one by one the visitors ...
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