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28 November 2017

Meeting Her

Oh god.

I’m actually doing this.

Fuck me, I’m really doing this.

I can’t believe I’m actually here. Leaning against a wall at Flinders Street Station, phone in hand and trying to act casual while I wait with agitated nervousness for the message that says she can’t make it. My fingers are ...
28 November 2017

A Dream of Gods

I dreamt about you last night, as it happens.


It’s been my less than sterling experience that when someone says ‘I dreamt about you last night’ it’s as an excuse or prelude to seduction. To tell them sweet words dripping with honey. To paint your fantasy over their flesh and watch them ...
25 October 2017

Three at Night

It was a nice evening with my couple friends that started off with nice music and vodka and nice chat facing the beach. We selected the vacation carefully looking for the best resort with a private beach. This was not any kind of swingers party or anything, it was just normal when it started. ...
10 September 2017

Live Porn ... Forbidden Fruit

It had been several years since she had seen him, but their recent communication via text and email had been very naughty .... And very fucking sexy!! Since the seed of live porn had been planted it was all she could think about ... it made her clit throb with need and her pussy ache with desire. ...
31 August 2017

Shaman Journey

- this is the stuff that came to me during a guided journey at a workshop -

I thought I would be safe and be able to keep busy.

I thought I could get by without feeling too deep.

I thought I could remain hidden.

It never happens the way I thought.

Gently they caressed my skin and ...
25 August 2017

He Played The Guitar...

She watches him lost in the moment. His fingers moving seemingly effortlessly over the strings. It’s a new piece, and it is only the small furrow of his brow that gives it away. You wouldn’t know by looking at this hands.

His hands. Those fingers.

He breaks a moment and stares out the window ...
07 August 2017

Don't stop!


Breathing hard as his fingers caress her vulva, labia and clit. Her chest heaving, hips rolling, back arching. Their mouths melding, tongues entwined. A firm grip on her jugular - throttling, metering her respiration. Her senses peaking - short of breath - heat fills her body as her cunt ...
12 July 2017

On our first date.....

So we arranged to meet in Manly, we went out for a lovely dinner in Hugo's. We drank a cocktail or two and had a lovely time laughing and enjoying getting to know one another. We hadn't kissed each other but there was lots of flirting and touching and as the evening went on we found ourselves ...
10 July 2017

On My Knees


You walk towards me, in slow motion.


Low heels, sheer black stockings clasped to suspenders, matching black lace lingerie.


Natural makeup, hair perfect, you glow.

You slow.




And stand in front of me with a wry ...
30 June 2017

"I feel like I'm being hunted".....

...she said.

I can feel my right palm tingle, like the phantom pain spoken of by an amputee, when I think about how many times it will strike her sexy body, and where.

I can feel her throat between the palms of my hands.

I can literally taste her sweet skin, and feel her flesh between my ...
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