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29 October 2017

Flying solo with a couple for the first time...

I thought it must be unusual to be invited straight to their house, as with my ex we had met people out for a drink first.  I guess I had spoken to them on the phone, and they sounded more nervous than serial killers, so I thought I’d take the chance.  

From their message on the site and their ...
23 September 2017

Our Voyeur

We had decided that in our pursuit of erotic adventures we would endeavor to indulge in a wide variety of experiences, combining our fantasies into a smorgasbord of sexual delights.

Whenever we made love, we mentally relived our favorite moments from our exploits, and dreamt up possible scenarios ...
16 September 2017

An Unanticipated Encounter

We catch up for coffee, we chat and chat, we connect and both feel easy with the conversation, it tingles  and we don't want it to end.

But it does.

We choose to catch up again at my place, I cook dinner, we eat by the pool, we share music and conversation over some fine cheeses and wine, we ...
01 September 2017

Bedtime Stories - Little Bo Peep.

It's a Saturday night and is the night of the party being thrown by Michael and Jen.

The theme they have elected this occasion is Bedtime Stories!!!!

Lesley has thought about it for last couple of weeks and decided on Little Bo Peep.

John walks into the bedroom as Lesley is finishing off ...
07 August 2017

Fantasy Finally Fulfilled

A young couple, Mark and Tori, contacted me on RHP not too long ago.  They had started talking dirty to each other more and more as they were dating, and sometimes in the heat of the moment they were getting more and more comfortable with each other, sharing their inner most fantasies, bit by bit ...
13 July 2017

My First Kinky Threesome

My username on the website was Bigmik17.

I joined because I had just split with up my girlfriend, and wanted some no-strings attached “company”.

I’m tall, reasonably muscular, and fairly proud of my cock which is just over 6 1/2” (hey that ½” is important), thick and straight with nice big ...
30 March 2017


My wife until recently had only EVER been with me. After years of her telling me that she wanted to have a 3some but only if it happened by chance ..NOT ORGANISED ..I thought it would never happen and at times actually thought she was all talk. So I organised a guy to chat her up at a bar while I ...
08 November 2016

The Good Wife- Part 1: My first experience at swinging

My husband knows me all too well. When it comes to indulging myself, if he asks me I will say no. So, he just goes ahead and plans the most incredible surprises for me- whether it's gifts, holidays or swinging!

Our first swinging encounter is a memory of a lifetime!

One fine day, ...
02 May 2016

Dangerous Territories

I’ve felt it most of my adult life … certainly from age 22.

I remember it like it was yesterday.  Driving to a family holiday house for a summer break, my girlfriend sheepishly admitted to being hit upon by her first love at a New Year’s Eve party two nights prior.  Normally NYE is the sort of ...
23 October 2015

A Couple's First Threesome.

I sent a flirt through to a couple whose profile had caught my eye not really expecting a reply. The next day to my delight they sent a message through asking if I’d be keen to meet. Exchanging pleasantries and swapping mobile numbers I found myself chatting with Steve who told me this was their ...
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