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19 November 2017

After The Playmate

As I get home from work, I hear my wife beckon me to the bedroom. I climb the stairs and as I walk through the door way I lay my eyes on my beautiful wife.

She is laying on her back, knees slightly apart as the warm afternoon light trickles through the blinds. I am instantly aroused. “Take off ...
15 June 2017

Weekend Getaway Plus One

We were just checking into our luxury hotel for the weekend when I first noticed my wife staring out toward the pool.

"Is everything okay?" I asked.

"Perfect." she said.

After putting our bags in the room we decided to head down to the pool to cool off. As she undressed I once again ...
03 February 2017

Brisbane Work Trip To Remember

On a trip to Brisbane for work I arrived Sunday afternoon found my motel and gladly checked in. After a quick shower I used my trusty phone to look up a place to have a drink nearby - only one came up,  easy choice.

  Walking in I thought to myself 'not a place for singles.' Just as I turned ...
28 January 2017

The Hot Wife Meeting At Hamilton Wharf

(Non-Fiction written by a friend, not myself)

I don’t like to think of myself as having a ‘type’ but when considering prospective partners there are a few characteristics that are known weaknesses. One of them is baldness, another is size. Not just penis size but physical size. I am not a short ...
08 November 2016

The Good Wife- Part 1: My first experience at swinging

My husband knows me all too well. When it comes to indulging myself, if he asks me I will say no. So, he just goes ahead and plans the most incredible surprises for me- whether it's gifts, holidays or swinging!

Our first swinging encounter is a memory of a lifetime!

One fine day, ...
25 July 2015

Hot morning at a hotel

It was around 8:30am and no sooner had I just logged on to my account I noticed a flirt come in.

It was from a Melbourne couple and checking out their profile they were both aged in their late 40’s and their photos looked really hot. I replied back and it seemed within seconds they sent a ...
24 June 2012

42yr old wife vs 22 yr Irish

We are a happily married couple, both love each other very much. Over the years we have had a couple of experiences with MFM, found one guy she hooked up with at a club who gave her some of the best sex of her life. These episodes are few and far in-between as she has to like the person first ...
05 March 2012

Double the Pleasure - 1. "A girl could get used to this"

They sat in the back seat, the three of them pressed together – Kathryn, Rob and Andy. The cab driver did a poor job of ignoring the placement of their hands.

Kat was in the middle, wedged between the two gentlemen she planned to devour very soon. Her palms rested on inner thighs, one from each ...
27 February 2012


We picked him up from the airport when he arrived. We shall call him Alan.
I had on a short skirt and had taken off my panties in the car on our way to meet him and hubby played with me while we fantasized about what we intended to do that evenings.
He greeted me with a wet sloppy kiss and brushed ...
26 November 2011

DESIRE - Part One

It’s sometime between 9pm and midnight but I’ve lost track of time so I can’t be too sure of the exact hour.  The sun has set and we’re nestled closely together on the lounge room couch watching porn on the big screen T.V.  Pussy and cock flash before our eyes; flesh and sweat, moaning and gagging ...
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