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05 March 2018

Five more hidden words

Who needs chocolate, strawberries, champagne or oysters when really, the greatest aphrodisiac known to man is……………anticipation.

And the anticipation of what the night ahead had to offer was almost more than I could cope with. My pussy was throbbing, and as I sat nervously in the driver’s seat of ...
25 February 2018

A Bottle of Coke

A Bottle of Coke

I had asked Jason, a colleague of mine to come around to our place for a few drinks, he was my Senior manager at work and I wanted to get chummier with him to benefit or advance my chances of any future promotions that may be coming up at work.

I had asked Leanne to ...
01 February 2013

Lost In Submission

I’m the kind of woman who has always had a wild, interesting and erotic existence. My decision to submit to a Dom has nothing to do with the knee trembling, giggling hordes who think Fifty Shades of Grey is a guidebook. The man who is kindly training me, is a grown up with no issues. He is dominant ...
19 February 2011

Confessional Pt.1

In this one a young girl is going to confess her sins, - and she has many sins to confess. She has done drugs, fucked men AND women in her mother's bed. She has been in orgies and gangbangs. She has even seduced members of her own family!
But if she thinks she can easily gain absolution, she is ...
29 March 2005

Gorgeous women enjoys two hunks...

I’d arranged to meet a couple I’d met on the net for dinner and drinks, but was a little skeptical as they wouldn’t send photo’s beforehand.  I arrived at the restaurant too early and a little nervously excited, I had a beer to settle myself.  No sooner had I took my second drink and suddenly a ...
03 March 2005

I was gang banged by 4 women

Well every guy dreams of a FMF and I guess it is not so uncommon.

However I am telling everyone I can about the time 4 women fucked me and each other last year. And what a great way to reach a big audience here.

Now I have been in a gang bang with a bunch of guys and a girl which is a lot of ...
25 August 2003

Greta Goes Clubbing

Last weekend your partner was still away on business and being a little lonely you decided to get dressed in your spicy little black number and head out for a little fun.

Entering the nightclub you have butterflies in your stomach, as you have never been so bold before.

Being early you have no ...
19 July 2003

Losing the bet

My wife Carole and I have a game we play involving bets about all kinds of things. Sporting events, who's right about some little fact of history, well you get the idea, right? The payoff for these bets is something personal that one has to do for the other. Recently, our bets have taken a more ...
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