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Ground Rules for Male Male Female Threesome.

1. At no stage is a man to compliment or comment on the other mans package.

2. At no time must a penis come within two inches of the other penis. If they do, they must be sterilised, one in the mouth, the other in the pussy.

3. The two men must strategise their actions/movements before the operation. Work out where they will be EXACTLY each 5 minutes time period. A wind up timer is recommended, if working in the dark, (not recommended).

4. Wherever possible, ambient light from a tv screen or a nightlight should be used if the overhead ceiling light is too bright.

5. If you must operate in the dark, men should wear a glow in the dark bracelet on their wrists and or a glow in the dark cock ring.

6. Effective communication is vital. No good losing ones glowing bracelet then commenting on your lady friends tight arse only to have her tell you "Its not my arse sweetie"...

7. At no time during a double wank by your lady friend is a bloke to pat his mate on the shoulder and say, "Well done my friend, well done"

8. In fact, no other physical connection is to be made between the men. It is absolutely inappropriate and just as bad as penises rubbing together.

9. HOWEVER, if there is to be "Double Penetration in the arse/pussy or both in the pussy at the same time, see SUB SECTION 1.2A of these rules...

10. EJACULATION: We suggest the use of condoms during a threesome. If not, recommend discussing this subject at start of session. Some ideas: On her chest, belly or back. Never on the face as this shows disrespect and its just plain yucky, I would assume. However, if youre the boyfriend/husband, then a creampie is perfectly acceptable.

Sub Section 1.2A
a. Recommend the use of a very wet lube and extreme relaxation.

b. Men should be aware of the touching they have to put up with.

c. Recommend condoms so penises arent actually touching.

d. Dont freak out!!

Hope you like...
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