Curiosity in the cabin

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I awoke mid morning from a beautiful deep sleep in a soft bed at the back of the small cabin.  God I felt good.

As I opened my eyes I smiled to myself as the memories of what had happened the night before flooded back into my head.  I began to get instantly hard as my minds eye recaptured the look of lust on your face just before Jason came all over your neck and breasts. The erotic memory was still so real.

I had never been as turned on as I was last night as I knelt next to you in the candle light, feeling your warm soft skin brush against mine as I opened my mouth to take Jason's hardened member from your mouth into my mouth.  The quiet liquid sound of his cock sliding against your lips then across mine and the scent of your perfume was still so tangible.  It was all so beautiful and so exciting.

I got out of bed and went to the bathroom to take a long hot shower.  As I dried myself on one of the large white towels, I could hear the wind and the rain continuing to pummel the cottage, so assumed I would not be leaving in a hurry.  The road in from the main road was dirt and dangerous in good weather.  It would not be passable at all until the weather improved.  In fact I realised, with a touch of frisson that we were all alone, just the three of us cut off from the rest of the world.

I sauntered back to my bedroom wearing just the white towel around my waist.  I glanced at myself in the bathroom mirror as I walked out. of the bathroom.   Although not at all vein, I was proud that I kept fit and toned and looked good for a man in his forties.  I crossed the living room and headed towards my room.  I looked to the left towards your bedroom and noticed the door was slightly ajar.  

I looked into the room out of curiosity and saw some movement from within.  I hesitated then stopped, looked around and, hearing no-one, I crept a little closer to the door to get a better look.  You were standing in your white panties and no bra, looking at yourself in the mirror.  I watched you watching yourself and was aroused by your stunning looks, long black hair and slender body.  Your dusky colour made your panties stand out and I was able to stare at you without you realising.  My eyes drank in your long shapely legs, and hips.  Your turned slightly and I could see your lovely tight bottom framed by your panties and curve of your spine as it run up your back.  I looked hard at the nape of your neck and longed to kiss you again there and wrap my arms around to feel you breasts cupped in my hand.  I imagined long slow kisses all the way down you spine towards the base of your back where two slight curved indents are.  I imagined feeling your skin respond to my touch  with small goosebumps forming wherever my tongue caressed you.

I began to get hard as I watched you.  Idly you reached out for your blue jeans and began to step into them.  I was staring as you pulled them up and transfixed with how your panties covered the shape of mound and outlined your intimate lips, moments before you tugged the jeans up and over you but

Suddenly I heard a noise behind me and discovered to my utter embarrassment that Jason was standing behind me, watching me "the voyuer".

I wanted to die but he just smiled, put his finger to his mouth, in a gesture to remain quiet and stepped closer to me.  

He was standing right behind me when he whispered in my ear, "she is beautiful isn't she"  I could not speak, so just nodded. Jason was so close I could feel his body heat.  He whispered once more "keep looking, drink her in,  I adore the fact she turns you on so much"  I looked again as you pulled you zipped the jeans on and saw how well they fitted you.  So tight on your ass.  

I felt Jason's hand undo my towel which dropped to the floor leaving me stark naked and my cock growing by the second to a full on hard on.  "that is better" he said.  

I watched you fall back onto the bed with your tight jeans.  You still had no bra or top on.  You were naked from the waist up.  I stared at how your breasts moved as you lay back on the bed.

Jason's hand reached around form behind me and touched my cock. It sprang ever harder at the sensation.  He told me to keep looking at you.

As I stared at you I saw your nipples begin to harden and watched as you softly ran your hands over each of them.  Jason was stroking me now.  His large hands sliding up and down my shaft.  I was in ecstasy staring at you and having him teasing my cock.  He ran his hands around my balls and pulled them gently, then he slid his fingers right up my shaft to jerk my head.  I was close to cumming.

I realised then that you must of become aware of my standing and staring at you just like a voyuer and how aroused I had been.  You must had been turned on when you saw me and then Jason appear silently behind me.

The light in the bedroom played with your figure sculpting you as you arched your back as you moved around and continued to play with your breasts and tease your nipples.

Jason seeing your body on the bed and your obvious self pleasure and sensing my response to you, began to increase the speed that he was sliding his hand up and down my shaft.  In a second I grunted loudly as Jason let me explode and my cum hit your bedroom door.

He stepped back and walked away silentlyaway from me and you slowly swung your door shut with your foot.  Leaving me pulsing and trying to regain composure.  I carefully cleaned up the jism on the door with my towel and with a smile walked naked back to the shower to start all over again.
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Posted: Oct, 03 2010
fantastic short story, very saucy xo
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