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30 May 2018

Forbidden fruit

So imagine my surprise! I didn't even really want to go to a swinging party but my girlfriend insisted we go. She’d had these fantasies for years and while I was curious about the whole thing had no real desire to be there. I was more than satisfied with the sex we were having but as all you guys ...
21 May 2018

First time

When I was at University All I thought about was sex. I wanted it all the time and didn’t really care who it was with. Somehow I heard about this beach car park where guys met other guys for sex. I had never been with any guys before but I still thought it was worth a look.

I drove down there to ...
03 May 2018

A Night At The Club

It was a busy night at the club. Earlier in the night we had met a really sexy, friendly couple. They were young 30 something’s, flirty and fun. Our guys got chatting about guy stuff, whilst us girls went to the bar to get a drink. She was being very flirty with me. We were both a little tipsy and ...
25 December 2017

A Special Delivery

Got online today and was looking to be a naughty gloryhole slut and suck some nice cock down my throat. I waited for what seemed like hours but got an IM from a 28yo guy who was interested in the idea of the gloryhole as he had hear about it but not ever used one. He told me he had a nice 7" uncut ...
20 November 2017

A smile in the bakery

I was buying my lunch in the bakery in the beautiful small country town where I work when I saw his father come into the shop.  As the old man went to talk to the staff, I caught a glimpse of a pair of smooth, sculptured calves above leather boots and rolled down socks.  My attention diverted, I ...
11 November 2017

Reward for being a good plaything

This story is for my puppet master. She gave me an assignment to write her stories, and now to post them online. It has been a lot of fun, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I hope you do too.


My phone vibrates in my pocket. I am ...
11 September 2017

The Expert Piano Tuner.

I was hoping he had almost finished, after an hour and a half of note sounding and strange noises, the piano was sounding much better.  I could hear a lovely piece of classical melody sounding throughout the large house that belonged to my parents. They had a large music room and centre stage was my ...
10 September 2017

Sixfoot4 And His Dirty Blonde Christen His Boat

It was a crisp cool morning. He had told her he would pick her up at 5am. As she stood waiting, her mind wandered to the night before when they had met for the first time.

There had been flirty messages on RHP, then texts and several long telephone calls and the level of sexual excitement was ...
07 August 2017

Fantasy Finally Fulfilled

A young couple, Mark and Tori, contacted me on RHP not too long ago.  They had started talking dirty to each other more and more as they were dating, and sometimes in the heat of the moment they were getting more and more comfortable with each other, sharing their inner most fantasies, bit by bit ...
05 August 2017

A Long Cold Drink...

I'd been at the beach all day and was fresh out of the shower, sun-kissed and glowing from the coconut oil I'd massaged into my skin. Wrapped only in a sarong I wandered into the kitchen to fix myself a tall, cold gin and tonic.

I heard the sound of my front door being unlocked. He wasn't ...
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