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28 January 2017

The Hot Wife Meeting At Hamilton Wharf

(Non-Fiction written by a friend, not myself)

I don’t like to think of myself as having a ‘type’ but when considering prospective partners there are a few characteristics that are known weaknesses. One of them is baldness, another is size. Not just penis size but physical size. I am not a short ...
02 May 2016

Dangerous Territories

I’ve felt it most of my adult life … certainly from age 22.

I remember it like it was yesterday.  Driving to a family holiday house for a summer break, my girlfriend sheepishly admitted to being hit upon by her first love at a New Year’s Eve party two nights prior.  Normally NYE is the sort of ...
22 December 2015

Watching My Wife

It has to be the most erotic thing ever.

Watching the woman you profess your love to every day be seduced by another man. Seeing her respond to his advances about to shatter vows promised on your wedding day. Witnessing them get naked and pressing their flesh against each other, their lips ...
27 September 2013

The Cuckold

One night my girl and I decided to go to a local pub and listen to a band. We had been there for about an hour and she had had about three wines and I only had a couple glasses of light beer as I was driving. She wanted to get up and dance but I wasn’t too keen. I had noticed that on the next table ...
23 August 2013

Mrs Stevens

I had always fancied Ms Stevens, my shy mate Rob, didn't seem so keen, despite her constant attention towards him.  She wasn't the prettiest of women, but fuck her body.  She had the habit of wearing shorter skirts, high heels and shirts that failed to hide her full bust.  She used to sit on the ...
17 January 2013

Nude Beach & Motel 3sum

I had done some searching on the site for a sexy 45yrs+ mature couple to meet up with while I was visiting Perth, one profile made contact back with me and the husband let me know he wanted to surprise his wife with a younger gentleman and had a plan as to how it was to happen!!!

   Perth is well ...
17 November 2011

the suprise co-worker

I had met M through work and thought nothing of it, over than that she was a shy but arkwardly cute, tall brunete married lady who was nice to chat to.  A night at the pub changed all that........a few drinks, some teasing jokes, a bit of dirty dancing and intense flirting before i realised i had ...
11 November 2011

motel meeting

I had met J on here and hooked up once before(another story...) for hours of play, however this time she was in Brisbane for a swingers party and her husband had told her he wanted some pictures of us getting it on and he had gone out to the pub for an hour to let us play.

After knocking on the ...
23 October 2011

Unleashing Sheri's Inner Slut

"Tell me your deepest darkest fantasy."

Sheri looked at the words for the longest time. They thrilled her but at the same time terrified her. Ideas whirled through her mind but she hesitated to speak them. She was afraid of what would happen once she spoke them. Once they were out she wouldn’t be ...
01 November 2010


I couldn’t help thinking “How the hell did I get here?” Sitting here on this hot, summer’s afternoon, in the garden of this beautiful country pub. Not that there was anything so unusual about that…..except that the man sitting next to me had his hand up my skirt and was proceeding to make me soaking ...
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