Clubbing in Corfu

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The clubs in Corfu are all pretty huge, this club I was at, the inside had a hardcore look and feel and drum and bass music to match, out the back it was open air, with a pool a more pool party holiday feel, more chatty with more mainstream  less heavy music.  So i was there with my friends, initially...but as usual lost myself on the dance floor inside, while my mates were busy outside chatting up some guys.  I had been on the dance floor lost in the beats for the best part of an hour, suddenly the lights dimmed right down and the music changed, then all these shirtless men jumped on the bar with gas masks on and the bass started thumping through the floor, thru everything, the dance floor was now busting with hot sweaty bodies, bumping and grinding to the harder beats with everyone now facing the bar looking at these hard bodied gas mask wearing dancers.....  Then a girl in a hot red dress jumped up, ripped the gas mask off one of the guys and they just ravishing each other, arms, limps all over, clothes riding up and down, it totally looked like they were going to have sex right on the bar in the middle of it all!!
If it wasn’t hot enough that certainly turned the heat way up! A hot guy that I had been dancing relatively close to for the past hour now ended up crushed against me and we were moving in unison with everyone on the dance floor, both of us sneaking peaks of the girl and the guy nearly having hot sex so close to us on the bar... Suddenly the music changes, and the crowd leaves the dance floor and everyone heads to the back of the club where there is a door now open to another area, we are herded in there with the crowd to join a packed room with music even more louder and intense, there are dance cages all around the room with dancers, guys and girls, going ballistic, all with scary crazy makeup/face paint and hair, with black tape barely covering their writhing, sweaty, tattooed, pierced bodies, I immediately feel like I have walked into the opening scene of Blade (minus the vampires and the blood coming out of the sprinklers...) and I get chills through my body, we immediately become hypnotised by the music and the atmosphere of this new strange world... we look up and see the hot girl in the black dress, the maskless man nowhere, u unintentionally look at her, more like drink her in with all your senses, then look at me, i saw the effect she had on you so i  kiss u soft, but deep staring deep into your eyes/soul, feeling your lust and desire,  my body feels like it is on fire, the heat electrifies my body and my pussy aches, I turn to the girl in the hot black dress, walk up to her entranced in the beats of the music, i am nose to nose in front of her, I stare deep into her huge dark sultry eyes, trace my finger down her cheek, cup her chin in my hand and kiss her long, lingering and deep, our bodies entwine together, she tasted salty and had the scent of male and female perfumes, she felt so soft and fragile to touch, but her body had a lot of strength and was anchored to mine as we moved to the hypnotic beats. I turn my head back to you, reach out, take your hand and pull you hard against us, i manoeuvre your hand to her face and use it to trace down her cheekbones, down her neck, chest, lingering around her breasts, down her side, down her thigh, up and under the dress and plunge your fingers hard into her hot wet sticky pussy, she tenses and  smiles and places her own hand over both our hands and pushes your fingers and my hand hard into her groin and groans collapsing into us...She then takes both your hand and mine in each of hers and leads us out of the crowd, through some heavy velvet curtains to a private booth, with a velvet chase lounge. She turns to us both, and puts her hand behind her back, one swift movement and her dress was unzipped, on the floor around her ankles and she was naked and glistening in the candle light.
I stepped forward, grabbed her by the shoulders, pushed her back onto the chase lounge, I landed on top of her and buried myself into her neck kissing, biting, nibbling, cupping her breasts in my hands using my tongue, to taste her skin, sliding my cheeks against her breasts relishing the soft parts of a woman. I then move down, hook my hands to the back of her knees, pull her legs far apart and dive in and tease her clit and drink and taste and devour her.
You are standing back watching, your cock throbbing in your pants... u swiftly slip your clothes off, manage to undress me without interrupting me from my pleasure, then plunge your hard cock into my pussy, this surprises me and my head jerks up, the hot minx somehow takes the opportunity to shimmy down, underneath me and starts sucking my clit, you end up standing, lifting me up and she then kneels in front of me, working her magic tongue on me, you guide our rhythm and movement sliding your hard cock in and out, in and out, in and out....the hot minx’s tongue is making a meal of my clit, and you going in, out in out, our 3 bodies still following the rhythm of the music.  The heat, the intensity in my groin builds and builds and builds until i fell an red hot explosion between my legs, which made me scream like a banshee as my body tensed up and released over and over until I collapsed into her arms feeling tingles and ripples of ecstasy... i then leaned back, she then kneeled in front of you, she looked up, gave u a cheeky smirk then wrapped her lips around your colossal cock and swallowed it up, whole! She was magnificent to watch, you look like you disappeared into another solar system... But just before you were nearly totally lost, you came back, picked her up turned her around and slowly eased your cock into her ass, i kissed her hard and played with her boobs as you pushed deeper and deeper into her, she loved it, she started losing her breath and started screaming out her pleasure, so i fucked her pussy with my fingers and sucked hard on her tits, she was going crazy her body was orgasming from everywhere and all over it seemed, just when it sounded like she couldn’t take anymore, i heard you moan loud and hard as you came deep inside her butt, pulling out made u groan with pleasure too, i then licked you completely dry and we collapsed on the couch, arms, legs, bodies muddled together, exhausted and exhilarated...
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