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He was the caretaker for a block of apartments...but he was always willing to go the extra mile.
“Do you have any of those six-sided screwdrivers the sexy woman with the lustrous hair cooed at him?” Her lovely looking tits were bursting up and out of her top and her perfectly rounded arse cheeks were mostly visible beneath her very short shorts, most of which rode up into the crack of her desirable cunt.
“Allen keys,” he offered?
“S’pose so” she responded...
“What do you need to do”, he asked?
“I’ve got a new bed”, she smiled, the statement assuredly carried an invitation and he wanted to take it up, fully, take it up...Would she take it up? Fully take it up? Take it up the arse? Would he be invited to jam his stiff cock in the fuckable hole between her perfect butt cheeks? He sure hoped so...and his cock stiffened in appreciation of the thought...
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