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You are dressed in just your underwear, standing at the basin in the bathroom when I walk in. I walk up behind you and nuzzle into your neck. You reach up and wrap your arm around my head. We are both so horny and aroused, we just want to get at each other’s body.You feel my hard shaft pressing against your arse. My hand slides slowly down your tummy and slips inside your undies. You let out a slight  as I my fingers over your pussy lips. I withdraw my hand from your underwear and put my fingers to your lips. You close your mouth on my moist fingers and suck them. My cock hardens even more.
You turn around to face me and remove your bra. I step back and admire your beautiful breasts. Your nipples fulky erect. I kiss each one. Sucking slightly. Your run your hand through my hair. We kiss a most erotic , passionate,  hungry kiss.
You sit on the edge of the vanity and wrap your legs around my waist pulling me tight against you as we kiss. I can feel the heat from between your legs. We grind our bodies against each other. Your breasts pressed against my bare chest Your moist panties the only thing preventing my cock from being inside you.
You unwrap your legs from around my waist and break away from our kiss. You stand and tell me to sit on the vanity. You seductively slide your hand down over your breasts and down your tummy before rubbing the outside of your panties as you watch my cock seeping precum  You briefly kiss the head of it . You tell me to play with it for you. I wrap my hand around my shaft and slowly slide it up and down as I watch you rubbing yourself. The outline of your puccy is becoming more and more evident through your panties as the material becomes soaked with your juices. My hand continues to slide up and down my cock as I’m mesmorised, watching you. You hook your fingers in the waistband of your underwear and slowly slide them down and as you step out of them you gathr them in your hand and wipe them across my chest before putting them to my face. I breathe in your womanly scent as you crouch down in front of me and slowly take my cock in your mouth.
I gently run my fingers through your hair as your head bobs back and forth as your lips slide up and down the length of my shaft. You begin to suck harder. I look down and see you playing with your pussy with one hand. Your fingers rubbing your clit. I begin to moan with pleasure.
We change positions. You sit on the edge of the vanity and I kneel in front of you. You spread your legs wide.  You know how much I love it when you are slutty and uninhibited. I hungry lick and suck at your pussy. I slide my fingers in and out. I twist them inside you. I close my lips on your clit and suck it hard. You cum against my tongue. We kiss passionately once more as you reach down with one hand and guide the tip of my cock to your pussy lips.  I slide inside you and immediately begin to fuck you hard and fast.
After awhile we change positions and you stand leaning over the vanity. I stand behind you and guide my cock into you from behind. I thrust onto you again and again.
We then put a towell on the bathroom floor and I lay on my back. You straddle me, firstly over my face so im able to lick your juicy pussy once more. Then you grind your wet pussy down my chest and tummy before impaling on my cock once more. You ride me hard and fast. Raising your body and thumping it down on my shaft over and over until neither of us can take anymore.
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