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I was so glad to finally see the pure white sand of agnes beach after 9 days straight sailing. I quickly lower the zodiac looking forward to having my feet on dry land. As i near the beach i see a lone sunbaker lying face down on a towel and as i near the figure is revealed as a gorgeous women wearing nothing but a gstring. She doesnt stir as i land and drag the zodiac up the steep beach. I stand admiring her sweet curvy ass glistening with tanning oil. Her long dark hair is spread out like a blanket over her head so her bare back can absorb the suns rays. She is faced away from me, and from where i stand 10m away i can see between her legs the red string that barely counts as a bikini. I feel my cock stiffen as i admire her figure. "instead of standing there staring, come and make urself useful" she says without moving, catching me off guard and i wonder how long id been staring. "sorry, i didnt mean to be a creep." She flicks her hair and glances over her shoulder, looking me over. "mmm ur a cute seaman. I dont mind u staring but id prefer if u came and put some suncream on me".
I stroll closer, suddenly spurred with confidence and drop my towel and things beside her. "sure, itd be a shame for ur beautiful body to get burnt", then i gulp at my corny compliment. She giggles and rolls over to face me, "skip the lines sailor, actions speak louder than words" she smirks but i miss her facial expression, distracted by her perfect breasts hanging like teardrops. I correct my eyes and catch hers, noticing a wry seductive smile pursed on her thin lips. She glances down at my crotch with dirty eyes "that bulge tells me u like what u see more than any pickup line". I realise that my hard cock looks like a pitched tent and regret not wearing underwear. She reaches into her bag and passes me the lotion. "can u do my back?", she rolls back onto her stomach. Coconut fills my nostrils as i pour oil into my hand and begin rubbing down her smooth back. I work up to her neck and over her shoulders, massaging her gently. After running down both arms i slide my hands down her side, brushing past her breasts that r bulging out. "mmmm, thats nice" she coos as my hands finish coating her sides and begin kneading her
round buttocks. I slip my oily hands between her thighs, my fingertips sneakily brushing her pussy lips quickly then continuing over her thighs and onto her calves. With her body now shining i return the oil to her bag. "thankyou sailor, let me do u". "sure, thanks". I begin to lay out my towel, "i'd rather do it standing up" she commands. She stands, and i marvel at her gorgeous naked body before she disappears behind me and begins oiling me up. She stands close and as she runs her hands down my arms i feel her breasts press against my back. "look at ur tanline, ur bum needs some sun" she teases then reaches around and tears open the velcro, letting my boardies drop to the sand. "ill def need suncream on then" i laugh, invigorated to be nude. She works my ass then her hands move around my hips. One hand grips my shaft and works it slowly up to the tip then back as the other hands fondles my balls. My cock throbs with the attention, my balls lift in unison. U (its u of course) slide back in front of me and we kiss softly, ur hand still stroking me slowly. I grip ur ass, lifting u to ur tippy toes as our tongues explore each others
mouths. U begin working down my neck and chest with soft kisses, continuing onto my stomach until ur kneeling and kissing the soft skin below my tan line. U look up with naughty eyes as u start licking my shaft. U take pleasure in my reactions as u flick ur tongue on my knob, work around its rim, suck it gently then gobble it deeply. As ur lips massage my shaft i feel ur tongue working around the knob inside ur mouth, the sensation is the best ive felt. U work a small drop of precum from me with ur hand, smile at ur effect, then suck it gently from the tip. U begin rubbing ur clit as u return to pleasuring me. I stare at ur finger sliding beneath the slip of red fabric "let me play" i request. "mmm , i want u to lay down then" u reply. Eager to play with ur still hidden pussy i lay down obediently. U stand above me, ur feet close to my head and rub ur pussy and dance seductively. I cant see ur fingers so i reach and slide ur gstring down to ur knees revealing ur smooth pussy. As ur fingers slide up slowly the shiny deep pink flower becomes visible then disappears when ur fingers drop again. U descend slowly until just inches
from my face is ur fingershow. I smell its nectar and insert my finger as u work ur clit. My finger slips easily into the moist tunnel then is followed by a second, together rubbing the distinctive rough gspot. U moan and sway ur hips above me. Then u stand a little my fingers slipping out before u drop again to let my lips begin work.I dart my tongue inside u tasting ur delicious juices then u start swaying, my tongue ur tool of pleasure, along each side of ur lips, inside ur hole and grinding onto ur clit. Suddenly u spot my cock and lean forward to feed hungrily. I slave at ur pussy intensly now, my hunger driven by the incredible ecstasy from ur cocksucking ability. The feeling becomes so intense i lean back unable to do anything but stare at ur curvy ass and fantastic pussy. U stop and turn to catch the look on my face. I use the pause to roll u over, throwing u onto ur back and pinning ur arms in the sand. We kiss deeply and i press against u and we grind together. My cock rubs ur clit and slides between ur pussy lips becoming wetter until a long stroke allows it to slip inside, burying deep. U gasp quietly at the first penetration, so satisfying how it fills u perfectly. I stay deep for a time and kiss ur neck. I slowly lift away, withdrawing from u until only the pulsing tip touches ur hood, pause then slide in deep again. In and out to a slow rhythm i dance in u and u grip my back trying to pull me into u. I pull further away, arms straight but pressing my crutch down hard to grind on ur clit.
Suddenly i erupt inside u, the orgasm so unexpected like a lightning strike. Ur amazing tongue and sweet tight pussy r too much for me to control. "mmm, was that too much sailorboy?". "wow that came quick" i mutter and roll back on the sand. I feel ur hand begin stroking my cock followed by kisses along my side. "just means i can get u ready to fuk me again". U stroke gently and lick my nipples, i squirm. U grab my hand and place it between ur legs encouraging me too play. Ur warm wetness sends a tingle up my cock and more tongue on my nipples has blood rushing back to my cock in pulses. Immediately u mount the growing member and with two gentle slides im again hard like a rock. U slide up and down slowly then quicker, ur tits bouncing elegantly. U moan as u ride faster then slow down and begin grinding with a swing in ur hips. I suck ur breasts tonguing ur hard nipples. U push me to lay back then start rubbing ur clit. Twitches echo thru ur body and i enjoy the vision above me. A few short breaths followed by a loud moan and Suddenly ur whole body tightens in orgasm.
U roll off me "ahhhhhh". I watch u in bliss for a moment then still hungry for more "have u ever been on a yacht?". "no, whats it like?". I begin packing your things "come see for urself". U put ur gstring on and ask for ur top."no way, its a topless boat". "ok, then u leave ur pants off". "if u insist" and i take ur hand leading u down the beach. I pull the boat into the shallows where it bobs gently in the small swell. "hop in". U balance on me and gingerly climb aboard. U sit facing me and u smile excitedly as i wade out, start the engine and climb in. the small boat bounces a little over the swell and i giggle at ur breasts bouncing. U giggle too then laugh louder looking as my balls bounce. Ur laugh subsides as u notice my cock still hard. "stop please" so i slow unsure whats wrong. "i dont like going backwards, can i sit on ur lap?" "sure, r u getting sick?". "sort of". U carefully maneuver to the back then as u sit down u pull ur gstring aside and guide my cock inside. "mmmmm, i see" i realise. Now each bump becomes carnal and u wiggle between waves. We reach the yacht and u reluctantly unsaddle me to birth. We tour the
boat, teasing each other with touches, cheeky looks and suggestive jokes. I pop a cork and pour us some bubbles and we sit close on the couch on the rear deck enjoying the seabreeze. My brain is too sex crazed too generate a single word, let alone anything resembling civil conversation and perhaps u r similarly handicapped because an awkward silence descends. I sip nervously the bubbly until i crack under the tension and blurt "wanna fuck again?" i'm instantly embarassed but only momentarily because u r crawling on all fours towards me with the dirtiest 'comefukme' look drawn on ur face. U lick and tongue up my body, ur body slinking like a sarengetti lioness stalking its prey. U reach eyelevel and ur cockhungry gaze transfixes me so i barely notice u grip my cock and bury it inside u. Ur jaw stiffens, a snarl forming on ur mouth as u lift slowly then drop forcefully onto my fuckstick. I grip ur ass, thrusting harder then devour ur tit and bite its nipple hard. U grunt primitively then drive ur nails into my back in retaliation. I buck violently throwing u backwards onto the sofa where u lie grinning. I breathe heavily as i ponder my next move but u start stroking ur dripping pussy seductively as a deliberate distraction. Standing before u i offer my hand which u take suspiciously and allow me to help u up. I kiss ur lips gently and stroke gently down ur back. I feel u relax as ur trust returns and ur arms wrap gently around my neck. "Hold on" i whisper, ur grip tightening as i lift ur firm ass and slip inside u again, ur legs wrapped around my waist. I pull my lips from urs and glance over ur shoulder to negotiate the 2 stairs out onto the sunbathed deck. 2 more steps then i sit u on the white fibreglass canopy and u lay back arms stretched, the sun glistening on ur oily, bronzed skin. Arched high above u i begin pumping purposefully. U bite ur bottom lip as our pace quickens and u lift ur knees to ur chest allowing deeper penetration. I grip ur ankles, lifting them onto my shoulders pounding ever harder and deeper. The fresh angle sees each thrust rubbing my knob firmly along the top of ur pussy wall, ur corrugated gspot suddenly tingling from the contact. 2 sudden twitches betray the hidden pleasure inside u, inspiring me to maintain my action. I squeeze ur knees together, squeezing ur clit down and tightening ur pussy around me, the new tension sending sparks along my shaft. Ur pleasure intensifies in waves with each thrust, ur clit and gspot both feeling my shaft until a sudden gush of orgasm grips u in uncontrollable spasms. My cock is gripped tightly as ur pussy spasms violently and the sensation has cum firing up my shaft, my balls lifted high and burning with pleasure. Load after load of hot spoont fills ur twitching gash then  spills like a volcano down to ur ass.  I collapse on you, our carnal bodies as one and our sweat mixing like our love juices. I stay inside u as we both drift off to sleep, the gentle warmth of the sun and rhythmic rock of the ocean ever present.
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