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12 March 2018

Recently, I was travelling overseas for business (Part 2)

John's cock was in Katherine's mouth, with my hand around his shaft, and John's cock became instantly fully erect.

His cock was long.  Very long.  But not thick.  And Katherine was completely obsessed with it.  She released my cock from her own hand and grabbed my wrist and removed my hand ...
14 February 2018

Scheherazade and The Sheikh - Chapter 2 of 3

With the Sheikh thrown into the palace dungeon and his Uncle sure of his power, he had visited Scheherazade in the Harem, expecting to take the Sheikh's place at her side and she, in his bed. For her part, Scheherazade had absolutely no intention of allowing that to happen, but bowing her head ...
28 January 2018

Hotel Scenario 2

A friend asked me to write 2 scenarios to a short beginning. I hope you enjoyed scenario 1, here is number 2.

I walk into the hotel room, you quickly usher me into the bathroom. You tell me have a shower, get dry and put the blindfold on. You also tell me to leave a butt plug, some lube and ...
12 January 2018

Five hidden words.

Heaven is the man who can send erotically charged vibrations down to her core with the way he sucks and nibbles at her earlobes and those secret places along the back of her neck.

Here was that man.  A man with the experience and confidence to take the time required to read the signals of his ...
03 January 2018

Karina my sexy little rope bunny

Karina was in the rope room with her arms already tied above her head. Charlie had started to get very good at the quick movements to tie her and immobilise her and she could feel the wet patch growing in her panties as the knot on her clit bit in with his practised manoeuvring of her body.

She ...
20 November 2017

A smile in the bakery

I was buying my lunch in the bakery in the beautiful small country town where I work when I saw his father come into the shop.  As the old man went to talk to the staff, I caught a glimpse of a pair of smooth, sculptured calves above leather boots and rolled down socks.  My attention diverted, I ...
20 November 2017

Encore: The Club (Part 2 of 4)

Tyson woke up feeling really good. He had met a great girl last night and brought her home and had the best sex he had ever had. Jumping out of bed, he ambled slowly into the kitchen to find a note from Donna left on the bench.

   “Ty, give me a call at 7pm tonight.

   Am going back to Jens to ...
29 October 2017

Flying solo with a couple for the first time...

I thought it must be unusual to be invited straight to their house, as with my ex we had met people out for a drink first.  I guess I had spoken to them on the phone, and they sounded more nervous than serial killers, so I thought I’d take the chance.  

From their message on the site and their ...
19 October 2017

Pink, Pink, Pink, Red

Hands are held behind her back, and a whisper softly fills in her ear, “Mine. To do as I please. What say you?”

“Yes, Sir.”

He runs his fingers over her hands, separating her fingers.

“Were you just crossing your fingers?” And he laughs.

She can control her decorum only a little ...
10 October 2017

The Club (Part 1 of 4)

Tyson waited in line with his friends to get into the nightclub. It had been a long week at work, and he was looking forward to relaxing with his friends, having a few drinks and listening to a live band. Standing there, he got caught up in looking at the people in the line with him. Most of them ...
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