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06 June 2018

Triple Treat

Slouching lower you hook your legs over the arms of the chair.  I groan my approval as the candy pink G-string has a noticeable damp spot.  You begin to rub yourself through the material with one hand while squeezing and pinching your nipple with the other.   You are extra horny in anticipation of ...
21 May 2018

First time

When I was at University All I thought about was sex. I wanted it all the time and didn’t really care who it was with. Somehow I heard about this beach car park where guys met other guys for sex. I had never been with any guys before but I still thought it was worth a look.

I drove down there to ...
19 May 2018

Fantasy time MMF

This MMF has been a fantasy of mine for 15 years

I have thought about this a lot and it involves me being instructed and watched sucking your partners hard cock and watching him fuck my virgin arse.

I come to your room you answer the door in black lingerie and are in total control.

You ...
03 May 2018

A Night At The Club

It was a busy night at the club. Earlier in the night we had met a really sexy, friendly couple. They were young 30 something’s, flirty and fun. Our guys got chatting about guy stuff, whilst us girls went to the bar to get a drink. She was being very flirty with me. We were both a little tipsy and ...
12 March 2018

Recently, I was travelling overseas for business (Part 2)

John's cock was in Katherine's mouth, with my hand around his shaft, and John's cock became instantly fully erect.

His cock was long.  Very long.  But not thick.  And Katherine was completely obsessed with it.  She released my cock from her own hand and grabbed my wrist and removed my hand ...
14 February 2018

Scheherazade and The Sheikh - Chapter 2 of 3

With the Sheikh thrown into the palace dungeon and his Uncle sure of his power, he had visited Scheherazade in the Harem, expecting to take the Sheikh's place at her side and she, in his bed. For her part, Scheherazade had absolutely no intention of allowing that to happen, but bowing her head ...
28 January 2018

Hotel Scenario 2

A friend asked me to write 2 scenarios to a short beginning. I hope you enjoyed scenario 1, here is number 2.

I walk into the hotel room, you quickly usher me into the bathroom. You tell me have a shower, get dry and put the blindfold on. You also tell me to leave a butt plug, some lube and ...
12 January 2018

Five hidden words.

Heaven is the man who can send erotically charged vibrations down to her core with the way he sucks and nibbles at her earlobes and those secret places along the back of her neck.

Here was that man.  A man with the experience and confidence to take the time required to read the signals of his ...
03 January 2018

Karina my sexy little rope bunny

Karina was in the rope room with her arms already tied above her head. Charlie had started to get very good at the quick movements to tie her and immobilise her and she could feel the wet patch growing in her panties as the knot on her clit bit in with his practised manoeuvring of her body.

She ...
20 November 2017

A smile in the bakery

I was buying my lunch in the bakery in the beautiful small country town where I work when I saw his father come into the shop.  As the old man went to talk to the staff, I caught a glimpse of a pair of smooth, sculptured calves above leather boots and rolled down socks.  My attention diverted, I ...
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