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29 October 2017

Flying solo with a couple for the first time...

I thought it must be unusual to be invited straight to their house, as with my ex we had met people out for a drink first.  I guess I had spoken to them on the phone, and they sounded more nervous than serial killers, so I thought I’d take the chance.  

From their message on the site and their ...
19 October 2017

Pink, Pink, Pink, Red

Hands are held behind her back, and a whisper softly fills in her ear, “Mine. To do as I please. What say you?”

“Yes, Sir.”

He runs his fingers over her hands, separating her fingers.

“Were you just crossing your fingers?” And he laughs.

She can control her decorum only a little ...
10 October 2017

The Club (Part 1 of 4)

Tyson waited in line with his friends to get into the nightclub. It had been a long week at work, and he was looking forward to relaxing with his friends, having a few drinks and listening to a live band. Standing there, he got caught up in looking at the people in the line with him. Most of them ...
02 October 2017

Ask, and Ye Shall Receive.

A very sensual friend once confided to me her fantasy of some anal play, even an MMF with double penetration. None of her partners had been into it, but me, well while I'm by no means a regular expert, I'd certainly class myself as an enthusiastic amateur.

So we made a date for a nice cosy hotel, ...
11 September 2017

The Expert Piano Tuner.

I was hoping he had almost finished, after an hour and a half of note sounding and strange noises, the piano was sounding much better.  I could hear a lovely piece of classical melody sounding throughout the large house that belonged to my parents. They had a large music room and centre stage was my ...
07 August 2017

Fantasy Finally Fulfilled

A young couple, Mark and Tori, contacted me on RHP not too long ago.  They had started talking dirty to each other more and more as they were dating, and sometimes in the heat of the moment they were getting more and more comfortable with each other, sharing their inner most fantasies, bit by bit ...
06 July 2017


A few days away camping with friends had been just what I needed. Good company, some laughs and relaxation.

There was only one source of tension.

The looks, the subtle touches, the innuendo all kept me just on the edge of not quite aroused but constantly aware of him. He had brushed his hand ...
02 May 2017

Morning glory

I'm not normally a writer but some thoughts occurred to me this morning as I woke up and was wishing I had you right there and I thought you might like to hear them.

Firstly I'm going to exercise artistic licence and go past the build up and get straight to the "business end" of the story. In ...
08 April 2017

The Apartment

I'm in my friend's apartment. I'm sitting on the lounge, facing a big window, about three metres away. A coffee table is there, in front of me, square, and slightly to my left as I face the window. There's nothing directly in front of me. Through the window, I can see the coast running north. The ...
02 April 2017

Primal desire.

Eyes lock and start searching...undressing without touching. 

Lips upon lips,  tongue dancing with tongue;  can you feel the energy,  the buzz,  the longing growing. 

My hand slides down your arm,  tracing intently the shape and strength of every muscle, every curve,  lingering with each ...
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