Afternoon Delight

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You have arrived at the motel and have messaged the room number to me. You are eagerly awaiting my arrival. Excited, apprehensive and of course nervous as you know you have not been with a woman for a number of years and wondering whether you can remember how to ride the bike. As they sex is just like riding a bike you never forget.
I arrive wearing a black coat and knock on the door. You open the door and let me in. We kiss with me teasing by slowly pushing my tongue in and out until l feel you relaxing.
You suggest l take my coat off. To your surprise you find I only have a sexy bra and knickers on underneath.
I suggest we lie on the bed and start getting comfortable with me kissing your ear lobe, nuzzling, sucking on them and blowing gently in your ear. While l am doing that your hands are moving over my breasts, playing with one nipple and the next, pinching them gently. You want to lick, suck and nibble on them. But before that l start undoing the buttons on your shirt. You  comment that you like the perfume l am wearing. This is having the effect l want on you. You decide you will remove your trousers so we are on an level playing field.
With your trousers of my hand slowly moves down your body rubbing and teasing and when my hand reaches your underpants l start playing with your penis through your pants. I feel it enlarging as l move my hand up and down while it thickens and lengthens.
You are starting to feel more relaxed and comfortable and want to take over and control what is happening instead of me. You push me flat on my back and your hand moves down to my pussy and you start pushing my knickers off so you can start licking sucking and fingering me and playing where men never forget.
You spread my legs wide and push them up so you can start teasing my clitoris with your tongue while a finger starts moving in and out of my pussy. I start moaning and the more l moan the deeper your finger enters me then two fingers move inside me. You now want to taste my pussy juices so your tongue starts moving down to my pussy and your tongue starts penetrating me. My moaning and the movement of my hips you decide you are going to move into the 69 position so l can start sucking and licking your cock. You tell me you are having a great time. In between fingering licking sucking and nibbling on me you feel yourself pushing your cock into my mouth. My fingers are rubbing and gently playing with your balls and rubbing that soft spot under your scrotum. Occasionally you feel a finger getting to close to your arse or just moving over it on the outside and then lingering a little longer while your cock is still going in and out of my mouth.
You decide to see how l will react to a finger around my arse. No reaction you decide to push inside. Your cock is so hard you want to feel it deep inside me. You remove your cock from my mouth and lie beside me kissing me, tonguing my mouth while your fingers put a condom on then your fingers move back down to my pussy where you put 2 or 3 fingers inside me to ensure l am nice and wet and ready to take your penis deep in my love tunnel. I move my legs wide so you can penetrate me so easily.
Your penis is moving in and out of me, you tease me by leaving it deep in me and then take it out. You change my position and put my legs over your shoulder and re-enter me. After awhile you want to do me doggy style so you can enter me as deep as you can. You start pushing a finger in my anus while fucking me. You decide to push your finger in me deeper and see what reaction you get. No reaction so you decide to try 2 and spread me wider.
You ask me have l had a cock in my arse and l say yes but not for approximately 5 or 6 years. I tell you would need to open me up more with lube and using your  fingers as well as a vibrator before you get to push your penis in my arse.
After this we decide to rest by just lying beside each other touching each other. Our time has nearly gone by so we have a shower together get dressed and leave.
I leave you contemplating when we can play together again and what l will have planned. You want me as soon as you can have me again.

If you are interested in more send me a message to Lizzie69
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Posted: Dec, 31 2011
I can only hope You will add my name to your next story.
Posted: Dec, 17 2011
Loved your story a real turn on. I could imagine doing it all as I read through.
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