caught having sex with my bosses daughter

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,"honey"came out saying "dont just stand there you dope dad we have a leak and its all over the front of my sk
I , Your sexualy obsessed narrator have a tale of raunchy hot sex in my own work place,I just so happened to be working for a honey producing company at the time.I had responsibilities such as removing the honeycome from its bee hive frames,an extremely tastety part of my job,although it was a different kind of honey i was hanging get a taste of. she "the honey",just so happened to be that stuckup pouncy cunt of a boss’s daughter.Well i will admit that it mad3e her taste all the better when i finally grabbed my moment knowing she to was hanging to spread her legs for my throbbing piece of manhood .i watched that cunt in his office sneeking a peek at one of his mags,and noticed that she had just come from the loo,while washing her hands i pushed her onto the basin with the tap still going and forced her skirt to her hips,squeezing her firm humble breast.she cried out with pure excitement while i gave her all i had been holding onto that day,which i have to say was quite a it was all over in minutes ,which was a good thing cause just as id slipped my softcock back in my pants there was that fat cunt of a boss staring wondering why we were in such a state.luckily for the running tap,"honey"came out saying "dont just stand there you dope dad we have a leak and its all over the front of my skirt,its ruined.  
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