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I smiled. I should have guessed. So I slowly pull up my skirt. And smile as he watches the hem rise
He arrived at my door, to find it ajar. Pushing it tentatively he heard my voice, “Enter.” So he pushed

“Stop,” I called from the other end of the hall way.

He stood there, foolishly, with his hand against the door, wondering what was going on.

I smile and look at him, “You get one word. One word only. Do you understand?”

He was about to answer, but holds the one precious word.

“Undress,” I say.

He slowly undressed. He was coyly embarrassed that I can see how he is reacting to me. He tries to hide his erection. Who knows why, I think it is hot as fuck.

“On your knees, and crawl to me,” I say. I'm trying to be serious, but I almost giggled.

He does so.

Shame I can't see his cock anymore. Oh well.

He crawls towards me, and immediately slips a little and almost swore. Now that would be a waste of a word! He looked to me, curiously

Polished floors,” I laugh.

Inelegantly, and silently cursing me, he crawled. He just about reached my stockinged feet.

“Stop,” I say. Then reach down and grab a handful of hair, and pull his gaze from my feet up my body until he is staring me. I ask; “Your one word?”

There wasn’t a moment of doubt, and he grinned and said “Pussy!”

I smiled. I should have guessed. So I slowly pull up my skirt. And smile as he watches the hem rise. I wore no panties of course, I did think I knew him.

“Fuck me,” he says when he sees my bared pussy in front of him.

The sting against his face startled him, momentarily and he looked up to see my wicked grin

“You only had one word,” I said. Then quickly laid my other hand firmly against his other cheek. I laughed at his shock, then scampered off in the direction of the bedroom.  
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Posted: Apr, 26 2017
Yes why did u stop there keep going
Posted: Apr, 23 2017
Posted: Apr, 22 2017
I would of said spankme
Posted: Apr, 21 2017
Where do I find a women like you?
Posted: Apr, 20 2017

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