The corset slips over the curves on my hips, and falls down my thighs. I turn, and arch my back
I stumbled into the bedroom, trying to be quiet... well as quiet as I wanted to be.

I took my heels off, and leaned against the back of the door.

The bedside light is turned on.

I giggle despite myself, and tried to stop, by pinching my lips together.

“Look what the cat dragged in. Hello Kitty,” his low voice called from the other side of the light.

I didn’t mean to wake him. I leaned against the door, and looked in the direction of the bed. Seeing his body shaped under the quilt, but not quite able to see his features.

“Good night?” he asked

I slip out of my outfit. First, the awkward zip, then let it slide over my body and thighs.

I’m aware of his intent attention, so slow my movement. Bra strap dragged slowly over my shoulder.

“Is that a hickey?” he asked, kind of menacingly

I move in such a way, the light shines the on the mark. “Probably,” I purr. One bra strap down, I slip down the other. While I can’t see him, I know he can see me. And can see my other shoulder is also marked…

“That doesn’t look like it was from a mouth,” his deep voice echos from the dark.

“Ahh. Yeah. That might be a rope mark, baby,” I answer. Straps off, I begin to pull down the soft lace of the stretch corset.

“Slower,” he ordered.

I smiled and wrap a hand around my breasts, drawing his attention to more marks. “Wax,” I say, before firmly pinching one of her nipples. I can see him wriggle in the bed, as I drag my clothing off. My fingers draw lines, and attention to different parts of my body, as I listen to his guttural approval.

The corset slips over the curves on my hips, and falls down my thighs. I turn, and arch my back, showing him my marked derriere to him, “That is from you know who. He said you should have come out tonight.”

All I hear in return is the rushed movement of bedclothes, before he is upon me. His greedy hands reaching my hip, and another grabs a handful of my hair, he pushes me against the door, and growls into my ear, before showing me just what he thinks his minx of a girlfriend.

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Posted: May, 14 2017
Sounds perfect
Posted: May, 14 2017
Such a horny woman. Wts your kik id babe ?
Posted: May, 14 2017
Sounds like our sort of action...
Posted: May, 13 2017
My kind of woman mmmmm
Posted: May, 12 2017
U are soo hot women :) wts ur snap chat ???

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