Late one night

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I straddle him and quickly sink my pussy over his offered face.
I’m standing at his door, contemplating.

His place was closer, the idea of his bed seemed warmer, and I was carrying a maddening desperation for him. But it’s 4am. Not sure this is a good idea.

I will knock just once, and if he doesn't hear, I’ll leave. Holding and turning the handle, I start to knock. But the door is unlocked. He is so careless!

I slip into the inky darkness of his place, and tiptoe as quietly as my heels will allow into his bedroom.

Fuck he looks sweet when he is asleep.

Awkward tiptoe, tiptoe. I notice a soft movement. His hand – as often when he is asleep – is holding his cock. And every now and then he strokes himself. Ha!

I lean over to him, and grip his hand and help him to stroke himself.

His moans and slowly wakes. “What time is it?” strokes his cock a few more times. “Come to bed, baby,” he murmured invitingly. “How was the girl’s night out?” he asks

I try to unbutton my shirt before I realise it is inside out. Oops! I wonder if he noticed – he didn’t. Now only in a bra, skirt and stockings, I watch as his stroking gets firmer.

I undress slowly. It’s not as smoothly as I’d like – it’s a messy part of the night.

“Had too much to drink, baby?” he asked

I fling my panties at him. I laugh, as my aim is better than expected and it lands on his neck. He picks them up, “Good god they’re wet! Get your ass and pussy over here.”

He flings off the sheet. “Get in here, woman!”

I kick him back into the bed with my heel, and he grins as he lays back looking at me climbing onto the bed.

I straddle him and quickly sink my pussy over his offered face. If he thought I was going to sit on his cock, he had another thing coming. I slide my juicy pussy against his face. My hand reached for his cock, and strokes him hard and determinedly.

He now begins to realise why I’m so wet ….

But it’s too late. He is too aroused. I’m far too aroused.

He cums. I’m just about to cum. And he knows he has just swallowed someone else’s cum.
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Posted: Aug, 14 2017
Thourght so
Posted: Aug, 14 2017
Thourght so
Posted: May, 30 2017
How wots to get same ☀️☀️🎉🎉
Posted: May, 30 2017
If you pink it hot came and play with us and see how you go we get up to same sexy stuff
Posted: May, 25 2017
Bloody hell,in the heat of passion anything goes ;)
Posted: May, 22 2017
oh wow thats so so hot and kinky!
Posted: May, 20 2017
Kinky cum fuck play..just love the unexpected hot pink eager puss fucking my face and mouth,tongue as Id slap her cheeks big cock pulsing..ohhhh Dear...!!
Posted: May, 19 2017
Good time had by all
Posted: May, 19 2017
Hummm wonder if he liked the guys flavour. She definitely liked his.
Posted: May, 19 2017
Posted: May, 19 2017
Haha. Nice ending :)

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