Hail Mary

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I watch him wriggle against the hard edge of table. His ankles uncomfortably tethered.
“Are you going to tell me?” I enquired, in a neutral tone.

“Is this some sort of confession?” he glared, but it ends up being more of a knowing smirk.

I laughed, then; “Are you going to spill?” a second time, and my last.

“Negatory,” he answered.

I reached to the side and pulled on the tether that held him fast to my side of the table.

He jolted and almost kissed the table. With, his, face. “Wench,” he grumble, playfully.

“Well, looks like I’ll have to do something about this.” I pulled on the opaque black scarf that lay over a range of (currently unknown - to him) items at my side of the table.

He squinted. A 10cm rule? He laughed in surprise. “Where did you find that?”

“On the ground,” I answered

I pulled a little further. Another ruler. 30cm. Plastic. Their eyes meet. I pull again. A yardstick. His eyes widen. I smirk. There is more to come. Starting small and innocuous, a range of butt plugs. From slim to alarming. Then. What’s that? Oh. My harness. Then, a range of dildos. Reasonable, to… Oh, MrBlack is hardly reasonable.

Two items left.

A slow pull. Duck-beak fist. Last one: One Closed fist.

I threw the silk at him. It lands over his head and face. "She shoots. She scores." I say

His world is now black.

I watch him wriggle against the hard edge of table. His ankles uncomfortably tethered to the legs of the table. I step around the side of the table, closing in on him.

Standing beside him I let fingertips trail over the sharp edge of his bare hip bone.

Time to play  
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