We started kissing passionately and feeling each other up and she quickly reached under my towel...
Many years ago I had a very sexy girlfriend who had an equally hot sister, Emma. There had always been quite a lot of sexual tension between me and Emma but we had never followed though with tearing each others close off because Emma had a fiance.

Emma and I started bumping into each other a the local gym and one day after flirting a bit with each other we agreed we would 'bump' into each other again for a lunchtime gym session the next day. Luchtime the next day came and I was off to the gym with an air of expectation of what might happen there. Emma arrived wearing the smallest, sexiest gym gear I had ever seen her in and the nevous sexual energy started happening between us immediately. After a half hearted attempt at doing a few weights I told Emma I was going to go down to the lower level of the gym and have a spa and sauna to which she replied that she wanted to do the same, now I knew it was game on.

Being lunchtime midweek there was very few people in the gym and downstairs there was nobody which we were very happy about. In seconds I was out of my clothes, wrapped a towel around and got into the sauna, Emma came in not long after wearing a bikini. There was no small talk, we new this was our chance and we took it. We started kissing passionately and feeling each other up and she quickly reached under my towel and starated pumping my throbbing cock. I almost ripped her bikini off her hard tanned body and she pushed me back onto the seat so she could give my cock a good sucking. After not long I pulled her up towards me telling her with urgency that I had to fuck her, she quickly straddled me and impalled her tight wet hot pussy with my rod. She started bouncing up and down and her fantastic tits with her thick nipples jiggled in front of my eyes, the sensation of fucking Emma finally after all that time was too much and I pulled out of her and blew my cum all up her stomach. Emma went straight back to my cock with her mouth and kept sucking until I was hard again, she wanted more, and more is what she got. I didn't know if I would ever get to fuck her fabulous pussy again so I didn't want to stop, but eventually we were both exhausted and our sexual desires filled.

We got dressed and after stopping for a very passionate kiss we left the gym and went our seperate ways. 5 weeks later Emma got married and not long after that I split up with my girlfriend. It was the one and only time with Emma but I will remeber it for my lifetime.  
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