Camp + Drunk = Mix up

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His hands were running up my side, i could feel how hard he was straight away as he spooned me
I was invited to go camping several years ago with a friend of mine, her boyfriend and a few other guys. One was a drop dead gorgeous friend who I had wanted forever.

We ended up camped beside a river and he helped me pitch my tent and we spent the whole time flirting, and getting to know one another. By the end of the evening we were all so drunk as we climbed into our tents. Thankfully i had a small two man tent all to myself.

A few hours later I woke as someone snuck into my tent and into my sleeping bag. His hands were running up my side, i could feel how hard he was straight away as he spooned me from behind.

I was more than happy to oblige, rubbing back against him, sliding his hand up to my breasts.

He was an amazing kisser...everywhere! And i happily returned the favor, his hand in my hair as i teased him.

Then we had some of the most amazing sex I've ever had.

Even still drunk he was giving 110%. I orgasmed twice trying not to make any noise and wake the camp, biting my lip.

One problem....When he came, he called out my friends name.

Thats the point I realised it wasn't my flirty hunk that made me orgasm, it was my best friends boyfriend!

When i said his, confused, he realised he had left his tent on a nature call and came back to the wrong one.

He was mortified and quickly left when he realised who I was. I feigned off a migraine the next day and headed back home, not wanting to hang around.

But I guess he never told her. 6 months later I was her bridesmaid.  
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Posted: Mar, 27 2017
so thats why she married him
Posted: Mar, 22 2017
Haha well that would have been a interesting wedding.
Posted: Mar, 16 2017
Piddling myself laughing atm
Posted: Mar, 09 2017
Delicious and so naughty
Posted: Mar, 08 2017
Nice sexy story
Posted: Mar, 08 2017
Good story , must have been an awkward wedding lol.
Posted: Mar, 08 2017
OOPs but a great fuck none the less !!!

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