RHP on the ground Video: How long should sex last?

How long should sex last?

It's the one question humanity has never been able to reconcile... how long should sex last?! Ten minutes, half an hour, 'till the break o' dawn? Well we hit up some of the punters at Melbourne Sexpo to find out once and for all. Here's the magic numbers!
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Posted: Feb, 10 2018
until you both collapse in a heap, completely exhausted. But then who on earth is timing sex? I've spent four hours kissing a bloke before now! Well I suppose that for some people, like Melania Trump, 2 minutes must feel like 100 years
Posted: Dec, 05 2017
As long as possible if not more after
Posted: Dec, 04 2017
Eternity if these programmers or no need for that humans/humanoids could figure it out
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