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Sunday, 31 December 2017 6:00 PM

After the success of last years Pre NYE Drinks at Pleasure Lounge Perth WA Drinks it just has to be done again.

So before the Big NYE Party at PL we better all get in the mood .. a pre-party drinks at nearby venue.

Meet others going to the NYE party .. get to know them before the real fun starts...

So when you get there its off and racing .. if you know what we mean

So come and join us at a nearby location for drinks and .. precum

Location: click here

Guest Age: 21 - 60 yrs (most suited)

Guest Type: Man, Woman, Couple, Groups, Couple (FF), Couple (MM), TV, TS

Cost: no cost

Phone: click here

Email: click here

Website: click here

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Posted: Dec, 30 2017
Well folks 2moro afternoon is the night where it all starts!

Predrink party will be in full effect. Make sure that you show interest in clicking the green button so that we know how many guests will be coming.

Just talked to BALD Elvis. He will be there as the host for the predrinks.

So come and say hi to Elvis and enjoy the company before the big event at Pleasure Lounge Masquerade New Year Eve Party 2017. Love to meet everyone.

Any couple or ladies wish to char please contact SWINGA by flirt or PM.
Posted: Dec, 29 2017
Pre drinks starts 6pm look for the red balloons in the beer garden area
Posted: Dec, 27 2017
Pre Drinks for Pleasure Lounge BYE party will be held at The Broken Hill Hotel. Its a 7min walk to PL from there.

No messages will be sent so word of mouth and Reading comments here is recommended
Posted: Dec, 25 2017
Is the venue sorted yet?
Looks like there will be a few going!
Posted: Dec, 23 2017
Car pooling anyone? Anyone interested in helping out others from the predrink location to the Pleasure Lounge New Years Eve Masquerade party please contact me. Currently making a list of possible car pooling candidates. Caring is sharing.
Posted: Dec, 21 2017
please remember that you will need to get the information as to which pub from the message here prior the event. I wont have enough messages to contact each person.
Posted: Dec, 20 2017
looking at a pub close to PL. from 6pm till 8 then march to PL for the highlight of the year
Posted: Dec, 18 2017
Will this be at Infusions?
Posted: Dec, 16 2017
When the location will br announced?
Posted: Dec, 09 2017
What time do p drinks start ?
Posted: Nov, 26 2017
Will be the first time for me as well so keen to come along with you Sassy
Send me a flirt if you are interested to chat before hand.
Posted: Nov, 24 2017
Nerves are absolutely good. Shows you are still alive. There will be a lot of nice genuine welcoming folks there to guide you along and be part of the predrinks meetup. Before ya know you will be off and running.

I am sure some of last years nervous newbies who lost the gitters before they knew it could voucher for the event and the guests
Posted: Nov, 24 2017
I'd like to go along but would prefer to attend with someone/s to keep the nerves at bay... another lady could be fun!!
Posted: Nov, 22 2017
Posted: Nov, 01 2017
I m in :)
Posted: Nov, 01 2017
I wonder if Trixipix will be arriving to the predrinks? She is a hottie!

Any ladies or couples wish to chat before the event please PM me or flirt me. SWINGA.
Posted: Oct, 30 2017
This will be my first pre NYE drinks, do we BYO drinks to this event?
Posted: Oct, 19 2017
keen as to attend
Posted: Sep, 17 2017
not long now Swinga till it will be counting the days.
Posted: Sep, 17 2017
I wonder if Misstease will be going to the predrinks this year?πŸ€”
Posted: Sep, 05 2017
Just chatted with the host BALD ELVISπŸ‘. Very excited and looking forward to the PREDRINK party.

THREE MONTHS to go folks!πŸ’£πŸ’₯πŸ’¦. Any ladies or couples wish to chat before the event please PM or send me a flirt. SWINGA.
Posted: Aug, 30 2017
Needmore 69 Both the drinks and NYE event are very well patronised. You will not be disappointed. This is one of the events that we always travel to attend.
Posted: Aug, 26 2017
can not wait to meet new people at your drinks event
feel free to message us as we will be over there for 7nights xx
Posted: Aug, 21 2017
Looking forward
Posted: Jul, 27 2017
Approx.4 more months to go till the 2017 2018 New Years Eve PreDrink Party before the Swingers Masquerade NYE party in Burswood, Perth WA.

But hey who is counting.
Posted: Jul, 23 2017
Why u put on top of dat shaft...i can see my house from here...cant wait bring on nye!! Woop woop!!😈
Posted: Jun, 30 2017
NYE🎫 pre party fun. 5 more months to go. Put it on your calendar. Booking my uber. Any ladies or couples wish to chat before the event please flirt or private message me
Posted: May, 31 2017
Masquerade PRE-drink party fans 6 more months remaining.πŸ€– TIMES fly peeps. 😈.
Posted: Apr, 28 2017
Everyone is asking me bout the party it is getting to be epic. And yes make sure that you put it on your calendar.
Posted: Apr, 04 2017
#perthnyeswingerspartyperth2017 🎩πŸ’₯πŸ’£πŸ’¦
Posted: Mar, 21 2017
Put the beers and champagne on ice please swing, we are on our way .
Can't wait Xxxxx
Posted: Mar, 21 2017
Man it is early and the line up of people interested already is great!!!
Posted: Mar, 04 2017
302 days to go till the New Years Eve PreDrink party!!πŸ€–πŸŽ©πŸ’₯. I got my ticket already!!
Posted: Feb, 23 2017
10 more months to go! Not long!πŸ’ƒπŸŽ­πŸš€πŸŽ‰πŸŽ­
Posted: Feb, 09 2017
Sinsational event and on the list not to be missed
Posted: Feb, 08 2017
Massive NYE Masquerade Pre Drink 2017 party near Burswood Casino Perth. Only 327 more days and some hot folks already showing interest. Gonna hang out withme ole mate that Cool Cat "Bald Elvis" and his swinga DIVAS.πŸ˜‰
Posted: Feb, 02 2017
IM GOING TO get someone to set up PL for the night so i can attend the predrinks.. looks so much fun
Posted: Jan, 29 2017
48 more weeks to go!
Posted: Jan, 12 2017
50.42 weeks before the Swingers Perth New Years Eve Pre-Drink for Pleasure Lounge Perth party begins. But hey... who is counting, right? Looking forward to catching up with "BALD ELVIS" and his swinging Divas again!πŸ€“
Posted: Jan, 06 2017
I would like to thank the people who helped with the pre-drink concept. They had a private DJ on the wheels of steel, great atmosphere, food and sexy music. All the interstate guest loved it because they met the West Coast Swinger Community and felt at home. The host a.k.a "Bald Elvis" made sure the foreplay mingling started early. It will be a must see event, well worth the cost of Nothing! It was free. Thanks guys for such a great idea. Hopefully people don't miss out this year. New Years Eve Pre Drinks Pleasure Lounge Swingers Adult Club Perth WA. I registering early😎

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