Cruise out of Brisbane - 4N Whitsundays W915

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Tuesday, 19 March 2019 11:00 PM
From the Cruising Brisbane Forum, here is a cruise event for March 2019 perfect for all like minded couples and singles, who need a post Christmas break but have little time to spare. A 4N cruise gives just enough time for a little relaxation, social activity and the opportunity to hopefully enjoy a little bit of naughty pleasure. You also get to visit Airlie Beach, as the ship docks for the day.
Please be mindful, even though we are arranging this we are not a group, club or travel agency. Just simply a fun couple looking to experience some naughty cruising fun in a social setting, with the chance to play mixed in.
You will need to book your own cabin and travel details. We don’t do room matching services for singles. You are welcome to come along. Try contact other singles who have expressed interest in the event to work out a share arrangement.
We will keep to a simple plan when on board as it will suit most. The aim being to enjoy meeting people who enjoy this lifestyle and the opportunity to play discreetly if that were it takes us. Pre-dinner drinks at a set location from 5.30 pm will give everyone the chance to catch up and discuss any plans for the evening. You can choose to meet other people booked on the cruise via a secret closed group in Facebook to chat about the trip and get to know each other by registering below. Once booked please register your participation here. You will need your cabin number.
We will arrange for you to have an exclusive 'social group' lanyard to make it easy to recognise each other without being obvious. Remember we are just a 'social gathering' who have booked on the same short stay cruise. There are no 'special' rooms set aside, no public displays of nudity permitted. Consideration of other passengers and discretion whilst on board is a must. But what goes on behind our cabin's closed doors is entirely up to us.

Location: click here

Guest Age: 25 - 99 yrs (most suited)

Guest Type: Man, Woman, Couple, Groups

Cost: No Cost

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Posted: Mar, 15 2019
Any females like to share a cabin...well travelled Spanish looking male fit healthy and a great laugh...
Posted: Feb, 26 2019
Any one looks like to share will love to go
Posted: Feb, 07 2019
Booked and Payed
Room with a view looking forward to meeting the crew
Posted: Feb, 06 2019
Booking today, looking forward to meeting you all
Posted: Jan, 31 2019
All booked
Posted: Jan, 15 2019
Hi guys we are interested in attending !
Posted: Jan, 15 2019
we are booked and paid
Posted: Jan, 08 2019
Awesome! . 8 couples now booked and so far one single. This is going to be a great cruise.
Heading to Whitsundays...
Nice short break...
Time spent with like minded people..

If you have been thinking about it.. don’t miss out.. book your spot.
Posted: Jan, 08 2019
Booked and paid!! 😊
Posted: Jan, 07 2019
we are booked
Posted: Dec, 11 2018
We are booked :)...roll on March
Posted: Dec, 10 2018
We have a room with a balcony booked. We will have a view that we are willing to share.
Posted: Dec, 10 2018
cabin and flights booked ,roll on march ,

no idea for balcony’s, but just go with next best on the p and o website ,price jumped too much from a porthole to balcony for us with airfares so we are in a dungeon looking for friends with a view ,lol

mr b
Posted: Dec, 10 2018
Might be a silly questions, but never been on a cruise before. What's the best type of cabin to book with balcony? Regards S and B
Posted: Dec, 10 2018
Definitely interested. Just have to coordinate B (male) to be free to attend from work. S (female)
Posted: Dec, 09 2018
we are keen for a break and have never been on a cruise ship before...what a great way to experience it.
Posted: Dec, 09 2018
Ooh sorry just checked yes we can have four in a room. Be nice to have some friends come along.
Posted: Dec, 09 2018
Sounds like fun we will do some planning and see how we go can we have 4 couples in a suit?

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