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Our Secret Spot
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Our Secret Spot

Event Date:
Friday, 22 March 2019 8:30 PM
3C’s Exclusive Launch Party
Friday 22nd March

This one is for the hungry ladies out there.

For a special treat we are hosting a ‘greedy girls’ party.

Join us for our 3C's (Cock, Cock & Cock) Party.

For every woman in attendance we will have up to 3 men. So, ladies, you will have plenty of men to tease and please you.

If you’ve read this far you will know single men will be at this party. However, this doesn’t mean it’s a free-for-all. The single men attending MUST follow a STRICT SCREENING PROCESS before they’ll be permitted to attend (see details below).

We want to keep the party classy, not creepy.

So, if you’re a single woman looking to attend for a night of uninhibited passion, or a couple looking to explore hot-wife or cuckhold fantasies, or a respectable single gent who understands he’s there primarily for the woman’s pleasure then this is the party for you.

Single Men Application Process:

• Contact the club directly via email with the subject line “I can be 1 of 3C's” to the email address listed below.

• The rest of the message must outline who you are, any experience you’ve had at swinging events, and why you want to come to the 3C's Party.

• Have recent photos of you in your profile or PG that include your face and body (no dick pics).

• Provide a contact phone number. We will arrange a phone interview.

• You must follow these steps to the letter – we want to determine you can follow simple instructions.

• Additionally, upon arrival to the club you will given a ‘contract’ of behavioural guidelines with some do’s and don’ts whilst at the club. You will be asked to sign this so we, and every other guest, knows that you understand the etiquette standards of Our Secret Spot.

Theme: Greedy Girls

Dress Code: Dress to Impress

Location: click here

Rules: Each guest must respect other guests boundaries.

Consent is key.

Always ask permission before you interact.

Guest Age: 18 - 45 yrs (most suited)

Guest Type: Man, Woman, Couple, Groups, Couple (FF), Couple (MM), TV, TS

Cost: Click 'Book Tickets' for Pricing

Phone: click here

Email: click here

Website: click here

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Posted: Mar, 22 2019
See you there! Looking forward to a great night!
Posted: Mar, 21 2019
Looking forward to a great night!
Posted: Mar, 21 2019
Is there a BDSM theme too?
Posted: Mar, 20 2019
Really want to go but I missed out on tickets 😔
Posted: Mar, 20 2019
any lady wanna accompany ? looking for a partner
Posted: Mar, 19 2019
Very exciting ... Looking like a wild fun night xxx
Posted: Mar, 19 2019
Looking forward to seeing everyone there. It’s going to be an extra naughty night for us !!
Posted: Mar, 15 2019
And stupid age limits again. Open your minds.
Posted: Mar, 14 2019
Looking for a guy to accompany me to this party?? Single girl tickets are sold out :(
Posted: Mar, 12 2019
Got our tickets too! We'll be there!
Posted: Mar, 09 2019
Should be 18-50 ,as I'm only 49 with GREAT STAMINA
Posted: Mar, 07 2019
Shame I'm 46 lol
Posted: Mar, 06 2019
Got our tickets! Can't wait to see everyone!
Posted: Mar, 06 2019
Sounds great
Posted: Mar, 06 2019
I see there is an age limit not impressed
Posted: Feb, 27 2019
Love this concept guys, and you've written the event description very well. Best of luck for everyone going to this event.

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