Treat 'em Mean, Keep 'em Keen?

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Is it true women don’t go for nice guys? I have friends who are total dicks to the girls they meet and they get lucky all the time. Should I be more of a bastard or is it a myth?
I know it can often look like women go for bad guys but it’s not entirely true.

It’s not so much that they are attracted to the ugly side of ‘badness’, as the whole rugged, unpredictable, exciting, dangerous, rebel-without-a-cause attitude that triggers a slightly misguided perception of strength and security in some women.

Sadly, for most girls, the upsides of this whole Charles Manson, Al Capone, Chopper Reed, Bonny and Clyde thing is usually short lived and almost always ends in tears or serial disappointments.

But can you blame them? Most women are subjected to a daily barrage of corny lines, slimy advances, predictable patterns and mundane, vanilla relationships. A guy who ignites the senses, boosts her Adrenalin and breaks those patterns gets noticed.

Add to the fact - bad boys tend to be less shy, more assertive, and less likely to take ‘no’ for an answer and you have the basis for this “girls prefer” myth.

The reality is 99% of women don’t really want ‘bad boys’, they just want a little less predictability and a little more novelty, strength and self confidence.

SO if you want the secret to happy, longterm relationships find your own part-time ‘bad boy’ persona you can occasionally break out to spice things up a bit and remind her we all have a little bit of cave man in us.

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Posted: Apr, 13 2017
great advice
Posted: Apr, 13 2017
Perfect answer!
That is exactly right.
Confidence goes a long way.

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