Should I Let Him Film Us Having Sex?

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Should I let the guy I am dating film me having sex? I think it would be sexy but I am worried at the same time.
The strange thing about people being filmed having sex is that the more people get caught doing it, the more people seem to want to try it.

Being filmed having sex is most definitely a double edged sword you might want to think about carefully.

On one side it definitely can be sexy, fun and feel very naughty. On the other it can get in the way of intimacy and make the whole experience mechanical and awkward, as any porn star will tell you.
But of course the big issue is, how would you feel if it got out there?

This can happen even when you have taken precautions and he is respectful, which after a break-up he may suddenly not be. The internet is also far from secure and since most videos are done on a phone and stored on computers, you may inadvertently find your video winging its way to the cloud or worse hacked.

So here are some tips if you insist on doing it. Of course the safest way to avoid issues is – don’t do it. But if you still want to:
1)   Use a disguise
2)   Film without faces
3)   Keep the original – don’t let him have a copy even if he begs, seems nice or you are dating
4)   Film it  - Watch it – Delete it – Empty trash – Double check trash is empty
5)   If you must store it, do so off the computer & definitely off the cloud

Finally, if you like thousands of people before you get that email from someone you know saying “Hey just seen this video of you on a site – Wow!” Don’t throw yourself off a bridge. Just remember it was your choice, sex is natural, everyone does it and it’s not the end of the world.

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Posted: Mar, 02 2017
Forgot to add that if it gets out, you might become famous like most American reality tv stars now Hahaha
Start thinking of the name for your first perfume line!
Posted: Mar, 01 2017
That can be a lot of fun, if you think you can trust him. Enjoy
Posted: Feb, 28 2017
I really think people worry unnecessarily about these things. The media makes it sound like there's an epidemic of "revenge porn". The reality is that most "revenge porn" is commercially produced, and even the stuff that isn't, has usually been posted with both partners consent. There is so much home porn being posted online these days that, if by some chance your video got leaked, there is little chance that anybody you know would be likely to come across your video. If anybody you did know, were to come across your video, they would likely be too embarrassed to let on anyway. It says just as much about them, that they are browsing the porn sites in the first place. By all means, if the leaking of such a video would put your career at jeopardy, then it's not worth taking the chance. Otherwise, have fun!! The worst that can happen, is people see your rude bits. Big deal!
Posted: Feb, 28 2017
So true don't don't do it I'd say
Yes do it and delete it straight away !
That's is excactly how I caught my ex which ended a 25 yr marriage
Obviously she had no morals
But now I'm free
Posted: Feb, 28 2017
no..but if you Really don't care about where that video can be found in the future then yes
Posted: Feb, 28 2017
I agree with Naughty Twist x
Posted: Feb, 28 2017
Our experience of this suggests that if you need to ask the question then the answer is "no".

Unless you're comfortable with the notion that your video will end up in "other hands" then you should avoid filming.

So think about it like this, if you wouldn't want to have to explain a video to family, or work colleagues, or friends then don't put yourself in that position. :)

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