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Hi guys my name is Rebekah. I was brought up in a very religious family and have only just had the courage to step out sexually. I feel I have a lot to catch up on and want to make up a sex bucket list of things to try but I really don’t know where to start…Help!
Hi Rebekah. Actually, I had a similar upbringing myself.  I remember the day that I threw off the shackles and decided I was going to explore life.  It was a huge relief and I will never regret it. But also, don’t regret the time you ‘missed out’.  You’ll find out it was a more important learning experience than you might yet realise.

So what’s on the menu?  When you are taught that sex is dirty or wrong, it can be hard to put a voice to your desires.  So here is collection of some of the more common things people ask for on their bucket list;

1) Good Sex
Let’s not reach for the top of the tree before we have enjoyed all the low-lying fruits first. ‘Regular’ sex is one of the most underrated pleasures.  Learn how to lose yourself in the moment and you will inoculate yourself against future boredom.

2) Mutual Masturbation
Once we start having sex, we often forget the joy of mutual masturbation. Try different angles, positions and even locations together.

3) Dirty Talk or Light BDSM
If you have never said anything very rude this could be a challenge, but well worth it.  Once it starts flowing: you will feel a sense of release that becomes an awesome source of sexual energy.

4) Sex in strange places or Outdoors
Most people want to try this one.  Go to the beach or somewhere private and explore the sensations of nature and ‘maybe being caught’.

5) Being Watched or Watching
This ties in with the last – most people find it sexy to watch or be watched.  Voyeur or exhibitionist sex, tease or masturbation, you can do this virtually online, through Red Hot Pie, or for real at a club.

6) Morning Hand/Blow Jobs
Once you start enjoying sex don’t let that internal censor stop you from expressing your sensuality at any time of the day or night.  Waking up to morning oral is something many people say they want but few get, so put it on your list and play both sides of this one too.

7) Kissing or Sex With the Same Sex
Of course, lesbian fantasies are pretty common – it might feel like a bit of a stretch for you right now but just know if curiosity arises it’s ok.  It’s fun to play with some scenarios in your head or even express them out loud to your partner.  You don’t have to act on them just yet!

8) Anal Play
I am not necessarily talking anal sex. People forget that there are lots of other massage techniques, tickling, lube and toys that can be enjoyed. This kind of thing is also on a lot of bucket lists, and taken steadily with a little persistence is pleasantly surprising.

9) Finding Out What’s on Your Partner's List
Ticking off your list is sexy but it’s also fun finding out what your partner wants and watching them go crazy with lust.  So be sure to have an open, honest conversation and double your fun.

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Posted: Jan, 23 2017
Hi Rebecca I too was brought up in a very religious family so I understand what you have gone through. I/we too am exploring different things at the moment, which we both enjoy. Really like the Sex Bucket list and hopefully will get through that list eventually. This is not a race to see how many you can achieve - great if you achieve them all but its more about how comfortable you feel in doing these things and ensuring you have fun along the way.
Posted: Nov, 30 2016
And try something different being tied up exc,

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