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Hey guys – You mentioned in your column a few months ago that the accepted international "average" cock is between 5.0-6.2 inches, and only a tiny percentage fall outside the standard deviation of average. How is it that so many men on RHP are very large i.e 8.5 + ?
I am not sure if you are happy about this fact or not. If you are attracting the guys with 8+ inches you might want to share your secret, RedHotPie has an enthusiastic collection of ladies with a healthy penchant for plus-sized appendages, lovingly referred to as the ‘Size Queens.'

Now on another note, if big is a problem, let’s cover ways to make things more pleasurable. Having your cervix jack hammered by a fence post is not every girl's idea of bliss. Yet interestingly, pleasure and pain actually work on the exact same nerve system. So it really is “A fine line between pleasure and pain” - hence the popularity of B&D and other pain-based erotica.

So here are some tips to expand your horizons:

1)     Practice finding positions that work for you – Every girl has that sweet spot, but you need to find it yourself before expecting him to.

2)     Foreplay makes a huge difference – The hornier you are, the more your vaginal muscles relax.

3)     Mind-sex is probably the most important thing – what are you focusing on? Remember, your brain is a very powerful organ when it comes to sexual intimacy. Dependent on your mindset, the discomfort or the sensuality signals can flick over from pain into pleasure.

Remember, there are some very petite women who actively seek huge cocks. It’s not that they have enormous vaginas, it’s that they have taken that mental leap and submitted to the experience fully.

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Posted: May, 20 2017
Love being WELL above "average".
Posted: Apr, 05 2017
So anything above 6.2" is above average. I tell ya it feels good to be in the minority lol
Posted: Apr, 04 2017
I like the fist size ones. They always impress me.
Posted: Apr, 03 2017
Well I must say I never imagined there could be so many different sized vaginas ..from a 2 finger squeeze to fist size and everything in between so there literally is a hole for every sized peg
Posted: Apr, 02 2017
In the surveys measurement is usually taken from the top pressed against the pelvic bone. This is considered usable length.

Measuring from the side adds up to an inch.
Posted: Apr, 02 2017
Best way to measure is have someone do it for cheating then haha
Posted: Apr, 02 2017
Just another fishing story over exaggerated sizes lol☺
Posted: Apr, 01 2017
May as well include the girth
Posted: Apr, 01 2017
it must be measured from the floor while standing?
Posted: Mar, 31 2017
I think it also depends on where the measurement is taken from....some cheating may go methinks haha

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