Married But Looking...Should I Lie?

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I am married, make it plain and obvious on my profile, and only flirt/ message other married women who are looking for same me, yet I don't get any messages / responses. Realistically should I state that I am married, or should I lie?
Women who are looking for married men are a well sought after demographic to say the least. In fact, aside from single-men-seeking-single-women I would suggest they are up there with the most popular searches.

So you have to consider that many lovely open minded ladies are bombarded with similar requests.  Now I know that sounds like a dream come true to a guy, but for many women it can become a chore to sift through all the horny hubbies - and sometimes they can become numb!  De-sensitised.

Of course this doesn’t mean they don’t want to play or that they don’t like you.  Just that they are fed up trying to figure out who’s who.

With this in mind I recommend you go back to your profile and photos and update them.  Remember, quite often the husband will be looking for the wife - so be sure to make your profile interesting, fun and sexy with something to grab the attention of both parties.

Don’t be too cocky, but don’t be too vague, be sexy but polite, be interesting but not complicated, share but don’t bore.

Should you lie? – The answer is NO.  Lying is always a bad idea.  They are not skipping your profile because you are married.  They are skipping you because your profile says “I am the same as all the others”.

Remember another great place to go is on our chat sites.  Get to know a few people there and use each connection as a stepping stone.  Share contacts, experiences and advice.

Ultimately, get a little more creative with your profile and be a little more persistent.

Good things cum to those who wait.

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Posted: Mar, 25 2017
Please don't lie. I was caught out recently by a man who lied about being married, it was heart breaking after quite a few times together, to find out he was and was not open. Many of us do not wish to be mistresses to a married man, those of us who have experienced it, know it more often than not leads to heartache on all levels. I want a man to be upfront with me, the least he can give me is the truth. I share my body with him, and give myself to him in openness and transparency, complete nakedness of heart mind/ body. Tell the truth, at least then you are able to make an in/rmed choice. When you find out after you have warmed to that person, it is complete utter devastation, nor does any good come of it. In my view and personal experience, multiple times over the years. It takes courage to be honest & transparent, you are already lying to your family, living a double life to meet needs you crave or cannot have fulfilled at home. Please be mindful of others feelings/needs. X
Posted: Dec, 09 2016
Good advice , don't lie .

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