IDK WTF NSA And All These Other Acronyms Are?!

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Hi guys I am a new member and I noticed a lot of the profiles have acronyms I have no idea what they mean. For instance, a message I got had NSA on it. What is that?
Keeping up with all the new trendy way of saying things can be stressful. So this month we decided to shed a little light on a few of the common and not so common acronyms you might run into.

Ones you should know:

BBW - Big Beautiful Woman
BDSM - Bondage/Discipline/Sadomasochism, see BDSM Dating Sites
Bi - Bisexual
F2F - Face to Face
FWB - Friends With Benefits
HNG - Horny Net Geek
HWP - Height/Weight Proportionate
MBA - Married But Available
MSM - Men Seeking Men or Men Who Have Sex With Men
NSA - No Strings Attached
OR - Open Relationship
STR - Straight
SWF - Single White Female
SWM - Single White Male

Ones you probably don’t know:

Exing - someone who enjoys using their ex to create drama and distraction
FtM - female-to-male transgendered
Kino - short for kinesthetic. People who love to kino enjoy subtle touches such as brushing up against one's arm, holding hands, or stroking someone's hair
MtF - male-to-female transgendered
Pan - pansexual, not limited in sexual choice with regard to biological sex, gender, or gender identity
Peacocking attracting attention through props and clothing
Poly - polyamory: multi intimate relationships, with the knowledge and consent of all partners
Textashionship - a relationship mostly via text
TG - transgendered
TS - transexual

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