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My boyfriend is paranoid about the size of his penis. He thinks it’s too small and I will run off with a guy who has a bigger dick. I have no problem with it and think it’s about the same as the other guys I have been with but he won’t believe me. What can I do to put his mind at rest?
Penis paranoia is quite common these days, mainly because so many guys watch porn. But while studies show there is no ‘ideal’ size, and size is not essential for a great sexual experience, it is certainly true there are differences, especially between the nationalities.

So what’s normal?

Unsurprisingly, men from African countries such as Jamaica, Haiti and Ghana lead the manhood charge, with ‘normal’ ranging from 6.3 to 7 inches.

Second are the Australians, Italians, Norwegians, Mexicans, and South Africans, with an average around 5.8 – 6.3 inches.

Next up are the British, American, French, German and Spanish guys, who stand to attention at around 5-5.8 inches.

In fourth place are the Japanese, Indonesian, Greek, Brazilian and Russian men who peak at 4.1-5 inches.

And last but not least, guys who hail from India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Malaysia and South Korea have an average erection size of 3.6 to 4.1 inches.

So there you have it.

But that is not the whole story.

Thankfully, research has also shown that proper connection to the person you are having sex with can heighten sensitivity and so increase overall sexual satisfaction by up to 82%. That means with a little effort the length of the penis will become almost totally irrelevant, as any lesbians will tell you.

So if he spends as much time connecting with your sensually as he is worrying about the size of his dick, neither of you would have anything much to complain about.

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Posted: Nov, 27 2016
Not sure who the "abundance of women" are on RHP who "want nothing less than 8 inches and thick" as Crizzy pointed out. I haven't come across any profiles that ask for that but then we only look for couples. I don't find an 8”+ cock 'better' than 5 or 6”. Or any other length. Some deep penetrative positions (which I love) can be actually difficult with a long cock as getting "punched" in the cervix can be very painful. Preferences are down to the individual and it's usually more about the whole 'package than a 'rule' about the size of the appendage. I'm lucky to be married to the sexiest man alive 😉 and his gorgeous cock is absolutely perfect - because it's his. I don't know how long it is - & truly don't care to know. I just know the magic he does with it, how much pleasure I feel and how much I adore sucking him. I wish guys didn't worry so much about their size & assume women think bigger is better. But then women can worry about their boobs & butts (too small? too big?) ... 🤔😄
Posted: Oct, 25 2016
I did not realize that I used to sleepwalk. One night I was awakened sitting down on the tiolet seat and my cock head was submerged in the tiolet water. So I cannot for the life of me know what my length is. 😉
Posted: Oct, 12 2016
if i measure the distance from the ground to my dick .. i am huge ... is this the right way to measure hahaha!
I guess theres no point worrying about your size, it is what it is, and it wont change so be happy with what you have and use wisely!
Posted: Sep, 21 2016
This is something I have always worried about as I am a big person and have a small dick. At times I have found it hit or miss as it depends on the person you are with and there help towards having sex

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