How Do I Get Women To Say 'Yes' To A Date?

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I am really bad at asking women out. I have had so many no’s I am ready to give up! Is there anything I can do?
There is plenty you can do to increase your odds, but it all starts with believing that you are worthy of a ‘yes’ and she is going to agree.

1)   Posture – If your posture says no, studies say that it can affect her response by 40%.
2)   Eye contact – There is something about ‘determined eye contact’ that encourages a ‘yes’.
3)   Don’t fidget – Women tend not to like wishy-washy or fidgety interactions.
4)   Keep your chin up – Humans are subliminally programmed to comply a little more with people with a dominant stance.
5)   Tell her what you are going to do – Make it an easy choice: “I am going to the movies tomorrow to see X, I have a spare ticket. Come with me! It’ll be fun and we can grab a bite later”… Boom!!
6)   Dress well but not too well. Looking like a slob is bad but looking like a spiv (Overly dressed up) is not good either.
7)   Don’t confuse kindness with attraction. Give her the impression you are good with being friends and you are not gunning for a sexual thing. Let the rest evolve.
8)   Don’t try to be funny or clever if it’s not natural to you. But do be interested in her and engaging.
9)   Don’t take ‘no’ for an answer. But don’t be a pushy stalker. Have some fun with asking again. It can become a running joke you both laugh about. Remind her it’s just hanging out.
10)   Don’t quit. Dating has always been a numbers game. Learn from each interaction and remember: practice makes perfect.

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Posted: Nov, 11 2017
The guys on the YouTube channel Real Social Dynamics have some very interesting perspectives on attraction and seduction.
Some videos are even good for a laugh

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