How Can I Switch Off My 'Work Brain' To Orgasm?

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I am a female CEO of a large company. I get quite stressed in the day and have been told that orgasm is good for stress relief. However I find it very hard to shut off my brain, even at home. Do you have any suggestions to help me orgasm through the day?
Orgasm is definitely a good alternative to taking stress medication, so it is well worth getting to the bottom of your ‘O’ block.

It would seem logical - from experience - that thinking about your next deal, meeting or what you need to do before dinner is not the sexiest thing in the world, but does that mean you have to learn to be a Zen Monk and empty your mind before you can have a little fun?

A group of women were placed into MRI machines and asked to do various things from faking orgasm to actually having one.

The science lab not being the sexiest place in the world, researchers were surprised to discover that rather than the women switching their brains off to allow for orgasm, their brains increasingly lit up in a multitude of areas. Which means they increased their focus on things rather than shutting them down.
It also showed that the brain can take sensory input like pain and transmute it into pleasure.

This means you don’t need to ‘relax and empty your mind’, in fact you can use the stress and activity to heighten the intensity your orgasm.

The secret is to practice using what’s around you as erotic. Imagine being in the boardroom and the man of your dreams walking in and taking you in front of everyone. Or whatever works for you.
Just don’t give up, because like any muscle when you persist it grows.

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Posted: Nov, 04 2017
Correct...I've always found that women really respond to anticipation, as it is sexually engaging for the mind - which is exactly what your research confirmed.
I think our sexy (but frustrated) CEO needs someone to trigger her mind in a sexual build up that will have her thinking about amorous pleasure - rather than arduous work?
Posted: Nov, 04 2017
Nice advice. Think I'll use that to unblock my own O zone 😉
Posted: Nov, 02 2017
awesome reply

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