Have I Found My Soulmate On RedHotPie?

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I am falling in love with a guy I met on RHP a few months ago. I believe in soulmates and hope he is the one but I have been wrong before. Do you have any tips to spot if he is 'the one' or not? Thanks!
Most people misunderstand the concept of soulmates.  It’s not about ‘love at first sight’ or even finding 'the one’ – In fact, there are lots of potential soul mates out there that you likely walk right past.

So here are 6 tips to help you find one:

1)   You feel a level of friendship and connection that is unusually natural.
2)   You feel comfortable expressing old pains or fears and past stuff that needs to clear in order to have a good relationship.  And you feel unfazed and not jealous when they open up about their past to you.
3)   You feel inspired and are encouraged by them to grow as a person or at work.
4)   You meet in somewhat ‘fated’ circumstances.
5)   Your coming together feels bigger than the two of you and has a level of easiness about it.
6)   You feel very in-tune or in-sync, almost like you have always known each other.

Don’t kid yourself.

You can screw up a soulmate relationship if you don’t nurture it and honour the connection you have.  Taking that connection for granted or allowing it to go stale is the biggest killer of soulmate relationships.  So once you find one, treat it with the respect it deserves.

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Posted: Dec, 03 2016
I have met someone from rhp and found we share all of those 6 points listed, but both have a great understanding of each other's boundaries. We are both great mates Fwb and are clear we do not wish for a relationship. However don't feel we are soulmates because of our connection. I find it fantastic for those who do find happiness and someone they can connect with. Love should b shared to all. ❤️
Posted: Nov, 25 2016
If its your soul mate unlikely you met on rhp
Posted: Nov, 22 2016
If someone is really your "Soulmate" you would not be questioning if they are or whether they are the one.

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