Foot Fetish Freak Out.

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I recently have been dating a really cute guy who seems more interested in my feet than the rest of me. Sometimes he prefers me to jerk him off with my feet rather than having sex. I don’t mind too much but is this actually weird and should I get out before it gets weirder?
What’s fascinating about this fetish is that the sensory nerves that run through the sex organs: vagina, penis, clitoris and nipples - converge in the feet. Which might explain a lot.

You will also be pleased to know that foot fetish or podohilia is more common than you might think. A recent study of sexual body-part related internet searches found over 96,000 were for feet. Which ranked right up there just behind bums and chests.

It seems that foot fetishes often begins in childhood and most fetishists can actually remember the moment it first happened. Perhaps being tickled or seeing a teacher's feet under the desk.
Of course like all fetishes it comes in many different flavours. From rubbing, sucking, licking, manicuring, kissing and being used for masturbation through to stockings, shoes and other accessories focused around feet.

Even Charlie Sheen made a point of not dating women with the second toe longer than the first. So is it weird? Well Charlie Sheen may be, but a foot fetish is technically no weirder than any other body-part preference. And let’s be honest, how many girls would kill for a nightly free foot massage/worshiping, moisturise even toenail painting?

The trick is to embrace the fact that you are turning him on and enjoy the benefits.

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Posted: Mar, 23 2017
I love my feet being licked & sucked it's like I'm being worshipped specially if he licks & suck your body from head to toe such a massive turn on!

I love wearing heels, lingerie & my toe nails are always nail polished it's soo sexy.

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