Do pick up lines really work?

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Hey guys Is it really true that women hate chat up lines or do some work?
Most women will say they hate chat-up lines… until they come from someone they want to be chatted up by. But, recent studies suggest there is more to it than that. Comedy or lightheartedness has always been a great way to make ‘first contact’. Do it right and you could even increase your ‘first impressions attractiveness’ score. Of course, do it wrong and you may have just signed the death warrant to your relationship before it had even started.

The trick is to know when and how to deliver it. Don’t just drop the line and expect her to drop her pants. Follow it up with a compelling conversation, a cheeky grin and desire to connect and those few corny lines may just bridge the gap between ‘Who the hell are you?’ and ‘Tell me more’.

Just for a laugh, here are a few that made us giggle:
“Can I follow you where you’re going right now?” - “Cause my parents always told me to follow my dreams”.
“My buddies bet me that I wouldn’t be able to start a conversation with the most beautiful person in the club…” - “What should we do with their money?”
“Go ahead, feel my shirt” - “It’s made of boyfriend material”.
“Are you a parking ticket?” - “Cause you’ve got ‘fine’ written all over you”.
“If nothing lasts forever…” - “Will you be my nothing?”
“If you were a phaser on Star Trek…” - “You’d be set to stun.”
“Do you have a name?” - “Or can I call you mine?”
“Is your name Google?” - “Because you have everything I’ve been searching for”.
“Well, here I am.” - “What are your other two wishes for the genie?”
“I seem to have lost my phone number” - “Can I have yours?”
“Aside from being drop-dead gorgeous…” - “What do you do for a living?”
“You must be a magician” - “Because any time I look at you, everyone else disappears.”

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