Catheter Play

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Hi there,
I enjoy having my urethra stimulated either by finger or vibrating there any danger and can I stretch my urethra too much?
The stretching and insertion of objects into the urethra, is often termed ‘Catheter Play’. This is due to a Catheter or similar object being used for insertion. Catheters are used medically and are tubes that come in different shapes, materials, diameters and lengths. Also used are Vibrating Sounds. The urethra is a very sensitive organ and stretching it, even slightly can provide sexual pleasure in both men and women. The main danger associated with this type of play is that you must be very careful to avoid the risk of infection. The bladder and urethra are sterile areas and that you should only use sterile equipment when inserting into the urethra. As far as stretching your urethra I cannot advise and was unable to find any information that mentioned this problem. I would recommend discussing this with a Doctor, who can further explain the workings of this part of the body.  

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