Can I Still Get A Date With My 'Dad Bod'?

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Hi Bessie is it true that women prefer guys with 6 packs. Is there a way for guys like me who have no chance of ever getting one to still make a good impression?
It’s true Zac Efron and Ryan Reynolds may hold us glued to the screen salivating - I won’t lie - but fortunately for most of mankind a 6 pack is not the be all and end all. In fact it barely even rates in our relationship decision making, outside of a one night stand.

So if the woman is looking for more than just a fling, studies show that these things rank higher:
1)   Independence
2)   Benevolence – Responsiveness to others needs
3)   Confidence
4)   Established in career
5)   Established in society
6)   Healthy

Pick one or all to excel in and you’ll never have to do another crunch again.

But what if you have no abs, live with your Mum, are shy, work at McDonalds and have no friends? What hope is there for you?

Well aside from perhaps manning up and making some changes, never underestimate the power of #3 - Benevolence. Thinking of others, making a difference, being charitable and self-less, these are hugely sexy traits that don’t require any special skills, intelligence, finances or sessions in the gym. In fact, I bet there is a pet shelter, old peoples home, homeless soup kitchen or friend in need right around the corner just waiting to make you look good to the woman of your dreams.

Finally, a recent study in the UK discovered that 75% of women preferred guys to NOT have great bodies. Why? Their own sense of inadequacy and they didn’t want the competition.

So either way, ab free you can win.

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Posted: Apr, 08 2017
Years ago, I spent 4-6 hours a day in my local gym and yes, was fit...ripped and cut all except for one place which was my abdominal muscle group. Somehow I still managed to win ''a few'' amateur contests. I'm a Scandinavian by very recent decent and we are not known for our abs I guess. I had a slab instead of a six-pack..never seemed to be much of a worry. You are who you and like your fav jeans or'll find a fit.
Posted: Apr, 07 2017
Your right about the females order of importance regarding materialism... But wait there's more pack on another 20years of age ... Then the female becomes a cougar so currently you can pick the 50+ ladies at will.... When your close to 60 doesn't matter how good you look or how fit..... Your old
Posted: Apr, 07 2017
After being over weight for most of my life i recently had a gastric sleeve done last June,since having it done i have lost 45KG & whilst i now feel great about myself it has put a big strain on my marriage as my wife is jelous of how easy i have lost my weight,i have found that the ladies i chat to or meet up with on here have been very non judgemental and tend to look whats on the inside and not look at my physical appearance 😊
Posted: Apr, 07 2017
It's funny; men never really ask themselves 'does she have money, ect' and yet these are things on a woman's priority list. It just goes to prove that women place more value and importance on money and materialism when choosing a partner. For men it's about how she looks and how she makes him feel.

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