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What's Wrong With My Profile? Part 72

Hey. What do you think of my profile?
I'm not getting anything... What should I change? Cheers.

Oh When Will I Hook Up?

Umm.. Well, where do i start? I am struggling with my self confidence at the moment. I know I'm not an unattractive guy and I do catch a girl's eye more often than not. I just really struggle making an approach to them. The best I can come up with is an awkward smile most of the time.
On RHP, how...

Your Profile = First Impression

why carnt l get laid

Not Too Choosy??

I haven't got my girl yet. Please help me out to get at least one... I'm not choosy.

Spell Check Me Out!

Hello Sam, I was reading what you wrote about how us guys have to work hard on the spelling and grammer in our profiles, it just a shame that the girls don't put in any effort, but then with us out numbering them 10:1 they don't really have to.  But my question is this, I'm dyslexic and have a great...

How do I get an actual date?

I have been a member for at least two years now and have had no luck in dating or even meeting up for a drink with a girl
I'm at my wits end with trying to impress the girlies and I'm lucky to even get an email
Then once we start talking and i get to asking for a drink they seem hesitant and never...


hi samatha trying to send all messages to would be sex partners however having no luck all my messages have had no response what do i have to do could you please help me on this one thanks

Eye Catching Title!

Hey Sam,
I was just wondering if the message title/subject line is helpful in snagging a potential reply from a member?
Any advice appreciated.

Is honesty the best policy?

What sort of ad is more appealing to a female? One where I say I want to f%$* everything in sight, which is the truth, or say how I want to take things slow, am caring and that sex doesn’t really matter?

Connecting with girls online

What does it take to meet people online? Is it because the competition is fierce? I consider myself a pretty cool guy but can’t land the deal in here. What am I missing? I want to know if I should really put the word out in selling myself. Don’t want to sound naff but I have better odds at the bar...

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