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Tips For First Time MFM

We are going to be doing a MFM with a new male, he has not done this before. What suggestions would you have for us, to make the night a lot of fun ?

Safe Sex Training

After 12 glorious years together we decided to open our marriage and try the swinging thing.  We love it.
There is one issue however. He's having to use condoms for the first time in 12 years and he already has insane stamina. He says he can barely feel anything through them and struggles to...

Hotwife Fantasy

Hi Sam. I would like some feedback on why I get turned on by the thought of my wife have sex with a hung guy?

Just Social Thanks

Hello Samantha. My wife and I are looking for a "vanilla" venue in Melbourne where couples have been successful in picking up lifestyle couples. We know of the lifestyle clubs, but we are looking for something where you don't have to disrobe to meet people..


What is a cuckold?

Porn Star Moves in Real Life, Part 2

What advice would you give for people keen on doing A2M (arse to mouth) like they do in porn movies?

Porn Star Sex?

1- How can adult film stars have such hard anal sex?
2- How can I do the same thing with my husband?, maybe not as hard core lol.
Thanks for your time in reading this I look forward to your reply.



Slow VS Fast?

What do you do if you are a slow mover and the guy goes really fast?! How do you counter that?

Can't Orgasm Through Intercourse

Hi. My partner doesn't cum with intercourse. We've tried everything and I love making women cum. In fact I don't enjoy sex unless she does. Is there a secret? She does cum with clit stimulation but that's the only way.

Insecure About Her Playing Alone?

Hi Sam,
My wife and I have been to a swingers party and been with other couples and so on. I mainly love watching my wife being devoured or pleasuring someone else. It's made our sex life more intense and stronger. We started talking and my wife asked if I would be ok if she had sex solo with...

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